Saturday Sounds: “Little Dragon Went To South Africa” (Mixtape)

Little Dragon. Photo by Sagan Lockhart.
Little Dragon. Photo by Sagan Lockhart.

Just in time for the weekend, I am here to share more jams for your listening (and dancing) pleasure. As the weather slowly begins to warm up in NYC, I like to listen to music that is reminiscent of an exotic location, or of the coming summer months.

I found this mixtape by one of my favorite bands, Little Dragon, that they created a few months back when they visited South Africa. In the mix, you hear a mix of Kwaito (South African house music), 90’s house more. Press play to get into it!

1. Do It Blek Sem – Dj Cleo
2. Kuyafiwa – Dj Cleo
3. Ruthless – Dj Cleo
4. Jezebel – Professor feat. Oskido & Dj Tira
5. Mambotjie – TKZee
6. unknown name – Abafana Bovenvane from their cassette SIBALI. label is USM and the cassette no is ZGAL 2080
7. Africa Natives (silly willy) – Mzee
8. Mono T Jam – Oskido & Master Wakes
9. Akhonto feat. Lelethu – Dj Clock
10. Terminator – Dj Gukwa
11. Ndiya Ndiya feat. Zulu Naja – Dj Cleo
12. Track 7 – Dj Christos from Afrodessia mp3 disc1 …. LOL (sorry this is all i got)
13. Djs Manifesto – Oskido
14. Banane Mavoko – Black Motion feat. Jah Rich

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