Iggy Azalea, Hip-Pop’s New Heiress. A Review by Kortnee Leigh

Welcome to your summer soundtrack, The New Classic.

#TheNewClassic album cover.
#TheNewClassic album cover.

On a pleasantly cool Wednesday evening, the bodacious-ly beautiful and eloquently lyrical, Iggy Azalea, graced the streets of the Meatpacking District as a true New Yorker would, but not to hit up hot spots for free VIP tables or bottle service-paid appearances. No, she came out to show and prove at the private listening for her debut full-length studio album, The New Classic  (which hits stores April 18– but is available for pre-order now on iTunes), and best believe– that is exactly what she did.

Dressed in a perfectly fitted, lilac and eggplant retro-fashion floor-length gown (on theme with her album cover art, of course); Ms. Azalea welcomed about 125 guests to the elusive yet awesomely curated  The Raven to audibly indulge on her debut effort–what is sure to be your summer go-to album.

Black, White, and Color all over.
Ambience: Black, White, and Color all over.

Luckily for all you music fans, Ms. Azalea does not disappoint. The New Classic is packed with fifteen (yes, you read correctly, fifteen) bass-hitting, beat-bumping, cleverly lyrical hip-hop/pop tracks that can only be described in a nutshell by her braggadocious (yet well suited) album title. Tracks like “Goddess”– where the hook is literally so catchy that any guy would mistakenly start chanting, “bow down to a goddess”—and “Lady Patra” featuring Mavado shows how her unique lyrical ability and signature sound can grace just about any musical genre, including reggae. With features from other female up-and-comers like Rita Ora (who lends her sultry vocals to “Black Widow”) and Charli XCX (who is heard on the first singleFancy”), Ms. Azalea keeps her collaborations to a minimum, with only five on the album.

“This album is me, and I want to show the world what I’ve got, not how many people can complement my style,” comments the fashion-forward Australian darling.

Black, White, and Color all over.
Black, White, and Color all over.

Don’t get her twisted, she’s got bars: (“I spent twenty [thousand] on this Roley/ all I want is my time back”“Rolex”)—and after hearing the album in its’ entirety, she’s guaranteed to make you a believer.

With the Avion Tequila-sponsored drinks flowing and the guest list all in attendance, the leader of the “#Azaleans(dubbed for her loyal 1.3 million social media followers and fans) had much to celebrate; her debut effort, an amazing turnout; and who better to ring in this festive occasion than Mr. Troubleman himself? Yes, T.I. made an exclusive appearance to show support for his female label mate, whom he signed to Grand Hustle after the viral success of her debut EP, “Ignorant Art” in 2011.

WatchTheDuck and Mr. Troubleman himself in attendance, of course. (from l-r: Eddie Smith III, Tip "T.I." Harris, Jesse Rankins, Johnathan Wells)
WatchTheDuck and Mr. Troubleman himself in attendance, of course.
(from l-r: Eddie Smith III, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Jesse Rankins, Johnathan Wells)

Industry execs and other label mates were in attendance as well, including WatchTheDuck, an “EDM super group” (as dubbed by T.I) who make a cameo on the track “100”.  WatchTheDuck member Eddie had nothing but great things to say about the buxom blonde from Down Under. “It’s amazing—and such a blessing—to see Iggy get her rightful shine. She’s a hard-working, super-talented artist; I’m glad we are all #HustleGang out here. It’s her time.” 

With all her press photos snapped and (well deserved) congratulations graciously given, Ms. Azalea tiredly retreats towards her blacked-out SUV after the two-hour event. Upon her exit, a fan excitedly yells out to try and get a picture. In true humbling fashion, she greets her fan and snaps the photo despite her waiting car. No matter how minimal her time may become, she will always have time for her fans. Classic.

WatchTheDuck will release their first single “Girlfriend” (feat. T.I.) on VEVO on April 7th.

The New Classic will hit stores on April 18th via the Def Jam/Virgin/EMI/Grand Hustle imprint.


*Words and Photos by Kortnee Leigh


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