Saturday Sounds: Karmaloop KLx Mix Series 001: Esta


Karmaloop, one of the net’s largest urban apparel and lifestyle destinations, has added an exciting series to their portfolio regarding music. The KLx Mix Series will feature an exclusive music mix, interview, and fashion picks from an emerging DJ.

The first feature is dedicated to San Diego-based producer and DJ, Esta. You can check out his interview and lookbook here. His mix is super sexy, featuring laidback beats, meshed with 90s R&B samples, as well as some jams from newer artists. Check it out below, and get to vibing!


  • Alina Baraz – Paradise (Prod by esta.)
  • esta. – delicacy
  • esta. – whatsitgnamake
  • esta. – fanta$y
  • esta. – pressplay
  • esta. – foryou&hertoo x Janet (Juan Cristobal Remix)
  • esta. – whateveruneed
  • Kacy Hall – Experience (esta. remix)
  • Ciara – Body Party (esta. remix)
  • esta. – play.
  • esta. – Undress(YourMind)
  • esta. – IGetLonely
  • esta. – OnlyOne
  • esta. – SheNeedsMe
  • esta. – Ble$$ed
  • Mr. Carmack x esta – Untitled
  • Chris Brown x Fine China (JBird x esta. remix)
  • Alina Baraz – Art Of Persuasion (prod. by esta)
  • Kid Ink – Show me(ft. Chris Brown) (esta. remix)
  • esta. – Peache$
  • esta. – hruby
  • esta. – luna
  • esta. – Return of the Mack
  • Elaquent x esta. – Aurora
  • esta. – drkshdw
  • esta. – inmyhead
  • esta. – kings
  • Sunni Colon – Temple (remix)
  • esta. – chandelier
  • Ginuwine – Pony(esta. remix)
  • esta. – vazilando
  • esta. – !!!!
  • esta. – el$ewhere
  • Rihanna – Pour It Up(esta. remix)
  • esta. – .ycarT

What I’m Listening To: Quadron “Hey Love” + NYC show Details!

It goes without saying that I love the Danish musical duo that is Quadron. Since discovering their music in 2011 and having the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Robin Hannibal in the same year, I have been hooked. The first single off their second album entitled “Avalanche” (to be released in June of this year) is called “Hey Love”, a danceable love-song containing Gospel, electro, R&B, and Hip-Hop elements. Lead singer Coco’s vocals soar over the track and call you to bust a move.

Below is the music video for the song. I love that we see Coco a little glammed up and dancing; a diversion from previous efforts. I especially love her dance break with Robin at the 1:47 mark; it’s lighthearted, and above all, fun. Take a look.

Next Thursday, April 25th, they will be performing in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are still available at the LPR Box Office. Note, this event is 21 +. Support good music!


What I’m Listening To: “White Noise” Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge

Whenever I hear music that tickles my fancy, it is my duty to share with friends, and ideally, the masses. This is the case of “White Noise” by Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge. Both Disclosure and AlunaGeorge are musical duos from the UK, Disclosure consisting of brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence, and AlunaGeorge consisting of vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid. Both duos focus on electronic music, which infuse garage, pop, and house, so I like to call their collaborative effort “White Noise” a “match made in mid-tempo, dancey-electro heaven”.

The music video for the track provides a lovely visual. Set in what looks to be some of the most desolate areas of Detroit, the video follows a man who works as a security guard in completely abandoned buildings. We see his environment and daily routine, which is less than glamorous, but then something beautiful happens; we see this man break out in dance in these abandoned places. His love of dance gives light to what is a rather dreary visual, it’s delightful to see. Since I don’t want to give away the entire video, I suggest you watch. Hands down, one of the best music videos of the year. Happy shimmying! 🙂

What I’m Listening To: Adele “Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix)” ft. Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino

It’s been a few days since I’ve been back home in NYC, and adjusting to life after Coachella is a bit…bleh. Thankfully I can listen to music from all the artists on repeat to recreate my time there. Childish Gambino had a great set during the festival, one of the highlights being the moment when he played the track below, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx remix)”. Can we say outdoor dance party anyone? Jam out, and happy Friday to you!

What I’m Listening To: “Half Time” Amy Winehouse

I admit I have a mild obsession with Amy Winehouse. The recent release of Lioness: Hidden Treasures, was one that was bittersweet as it was released posthumously.  As cliche as it sounds, I found a few hidden treasures on this album, specifically that of “Half Time”. Her voice flows effortlessly across a more neo-soul tinged track, reminiscent of Erykah Badu (another one of my faves). Stylewise, it is similar to the sound of Frank, so I would date this track back to the years around 2003. I would like to personally shout out my “special friend” Ashley of What Would Ashley Wear? for inspiring this post. We are pretty much obsessed with the song. Look out for her tomorrow in my next edition of “A Life in the Day Of”. Happy listening!

What I’m Listening To: “Perception” Electric Wire Hustle

In general, I like to say that I surround myself with a group of friends and associates that have wonderful taste in music. That is why when they approach me with new music, or with information on an artist I should be on the lookout for, my ears are open. This is the case with Electric Wire Hustle. Based in New Zealand and comprised of members Myele Manzanza, Taay Ninh, and Mara TK, Electric Wire Hustle’s sound is more experimental, combining elements of neo-soul, downtempo, and electro. I was introduced to them by my fellow Women in Music member, Mita, and I’m glad that she did.

Their sound is inviting, and incredibly soulful whilst possessing a danceable quality. I dig it. Check out “Perception”, and be sure to hit them up on social media. Good music for your ears!

Facebook: Electric Wire Hustle

Twitter: @E_W_H

What I’m Listening To: “The Motto” Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga (An Analysis)

Contrary to popular belief, this is a little more than a “What I’m Listening To” post. Do I dig the track? I sure do. Songs that sound appropriate in a strip club or club party hosted by [insert Hip Hop radio station in your market] are always fun do bob your head and dance to. That is their main purpose for me. Never judge me by my musical tastes; they are case-specific.

The video interpretation of “The Motto” was less than spectacular for me. It was not horrible to the point where it made me like the song less, but by no means did it lead me to like the song more. These are a few things that baffled me or that I found strange/funny in the video:

  • Lil Wayne’s dance at 0:27
  • Tyga’s involvement in the song (c’mon guy, you already have “Rack City”!)
  • Drake’s entire wardrobe; specifically his leopard print North Face and those RED NIKE GLOVES. WHY, WHY, WHY? Is Nike giving you a check for wearing baseball gloves? If they aren’t, you shouldn’t be wearing them, PERIOD.
  • E-40 cameo
  • Drake’s dance in the club alongside Tyga at 1:29
  • Lil Wayne’s “I’m drunk and on that stuff” wobble in neon green moon boots at 1:52, and more dancing at 2:04…actually, EVERY dance that Tunechi does in this video
  • Tyga bringing 1997 back at 2:48 with his open silk Versace shirt
  • Don’t the video girls look a little “bored” in that club?
  • Does Tyga keep his scrilla in that briefcase shown at 3:20?
  • Weezy clearly “on one” falling back on the car at 3:26

I still dig the track though! I still dance to it every time I hear it in a club! I do play it numerous times in the DJ sets I’ve been practicing. But, do you find parts of the video a bit odd? Tell me how you feel, how you feel, how you feel…

What I’m Listening To: “Horse” Quadron

So, I may be mildly obsessed with this song, “Horse” by Quadron. I fell in love with the Danish duo while researching them for my interview on Stark not too long ago. Together vocalist Coco and producer Robin Hannibal create a harmonious blend of soulful electro music, which may come off as an oxymoron at first, but once you listen, it makes perfect sense. Coco’s warm voice over Robin’s down-tempo beats are pure musical deliciousness. It sounds like fall. Listen now.

What I’m Listening To: “Mas Que Nada” Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66

As a retraction from my usual Hip-Hop flow, I wanted to bring a different feel to this edition of “What I’m Listening To“. Growing up in a family and extended family filled with various genres of music, and studying Music Industry in college, I have grown a deep appreciation for all music over the years. One such genre is bossa nova. The sounds of Brazil reached extreme popularity in the United States in the 1960s; Sergio Mendes being at the forefront of this movement. With the accompaniment of Brasil ’66, they recorded one of the most famous bossa nova tunes of our time, “Mas Que Nada“. Originally written and performed by Jorge Ben, Mendes’ rendition “reached #47 pop, #4 easy listening in the 1966 Billboard charts“. It is a song that has surpassed generations, as Sergio Mendes re-recorded the song with the Black Eyed Peas for his 2006 effort, Timeless. I have included both versions for your listening pleasure; enjoy!

What I’m Listening To: “Jack & Coke” Audubon

In celebration of my Washington Heights takeover this evening, I bring you “Jack & Coke” by Heights native, Audubon.  The song is pretty self-explanatory; it’s sexy, I like it. The visuals don’t hurt either. If you have been reading lately, you would have noticed that his listening party for Digging For Sunlight is TONIGHT at Apt 78, starting at 9 PM. Shameless plug, I know. Check out the vid, vibe to the music, and I hope to see you tonight!

What I’m Listening To: “I Want You” Common

Summer 2007. I was in the midst of my internship at Interscope Records in tour marketing (mad hyped, I might add). We were on the 8th floor at 1755 Broadway. My department was IGA (Interscope Geffen A&M), and I became chummy with the Geffen peeps, as they were super-cool, and were home to one of my favorite artists, Common. They were doing lots of promo for “Finding Forever” and one day I remember overhearing Geffen radio staff saying that Common was in the building. GASP. I had to verify this with my homie Jay, who did East Coast Marketing at the time. I heard right.

I had gotten an advance copy of the album and was immediately drawn to “I Want You”. The instrumentation was perfect to me, as it had a great blend of percussion and synth, to help tell this tale of wanting, longing and obsession. Upon meeting Common, and not completely fanning out, I mentioned that “I Want You” was my favorite track on the album. He replied in his smooth baritone, “I appreciate that”. Swoon. I got a photo too, which is still somewhere in the abyss of my Facebook profile pictures, ha!

Below is the music video, starring the beautiful Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington, with cameos by Kanye West, Serena Williams, and Derek & Sophia Luke. I believe it was very well done, in regards to lighting and the way they focus on Kerry’s obsessive past love with Common. Watch and enjoy!

What I’m Listening To: “When The Night Falls” Chromeo

In celebration of the worldwide event we know as “Fashion’s Night Out” I decided to choose a super-fun song for this edition of “What I’m Listening To”. Enter “When The Night Falls” by Chromeo. Chromeo can do no wrong in my eyes. They embody a blend of feel-good music, with equal parts of humor and sarcasm. The music video is hilarious, showing women in the bar becoming instantly pregnant when listening to the music. Check it out, have a laugh, be safe tonight, and above all HAVE FUN!

What I’m Listening To: “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” Ninjasonik

It’s Friday night, and the east coast is bracing itself for the wrath of an angry lady named Irene; Hurricane Irene, that is. Because of her failure to plan in advance, she decided to just show up, and completely screw up this weekend’s outdoor festivities, i.e. Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, and tons more. As a homage to Ninjasonik, one of the acts scheduled scheduled to perform at Afro Punk, I big them up in this edition of “What I’m Listening To“.

The wake of this hurricane has spawned lots of exchange on Twitter; mainly in the “prepare for the rapture” area, and the “what are you gonna do while stuck in your house all weekend?” area. The MTA is shutting down tomorrow afternoon, so you are basically stuck. I’m sure a good amount of you will be boo’ed up, eating all those goodies you got from the supermarket today, and possibly sipping on an adult beverage. When you combine all these elements, “stuff” happens (don’t play!), so I bring to you “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant“. Laugh it up, and stay safe folks!

What I’m Listening To: “Round The Way Girl” L.L. Cool J

In celebration of passing the 5,000 view mark on “A Life in the day of Andrea”, I felt it necessary to post a song that never fails to make me feel good. Enter “Around The Way Girl” by L.L. Cool J; a classic hip-hop track in my mind. It was one of the most popular singles from his 1990 album “Mama Said Knock You Out”, as it proclaimed the woman that he liked to be one “standing by the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop”. This line always stood out to me, maybe because I connected with the lyrics, even at the tender age of four (yes four!). I believe even back then, I realized I was more of an “around the way” girl than some materialistic “diva” type.

I love hip-hop. It may have been forced upon me by my brothers and their friends at a young age (haha), but I can say that it is a musical genre that I love. I can recall certain times in my childhood specifically by which hip-hop videos were popular at the moment. It runs through my veins, and is as significantly a part of who I am as is my closeness with family. Thank you for allowing me to share “a life in the day” with you, and take a listen to the track 🙂

What I’m Listening To: “Hoe” Jhene Aiko feat. Miguel

I am aware that this is not the most uplifting title for a song. I get that, but let me give you some info on the lady behind the music. Her name is Jhene Aiko. In her earlier years, she was apart of the T.U.G clan, touring with B2K and being referred to as Lil Fizz’s cousin (although she is not). Now, at the age of 23, she is pretty fresh off the spring release of her mixtape “Sailing Souls“. Backed heavily by Concrete Loop, the mixtape spread like wildfire to the ears of R&B fans and tastemakers alike. The song “Hoe” features Miguel on the hook, and references Andre 3000’s “Where Are My Panties” skit from “The Love Below”. The song has a very sensual feel, and speaks of a woman who is very sure of herself, but wants to make it clear that she is not “easy”. Take a listen…

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