What I’m Wearing: Lunch on a Hot Day


What I’m Wearing: Lunch on a Hot Day
  • Ray Ban Tortoiseshell Wayfarer sunglasses
  • Opal earrings purchased from a local artisan in Belize
  • Gant floral print silk voile blouse
  • Swiss Legend ivory ceramic watch
  • Rebecca Minkoff MAB satchel in almond
  • Madewell Rail Straight white denim jeans
  • Gap champagne colored floral t-strap sandals

I tweeted earlier:

Andrea K. Castillo

@andreakcastillo Andrea K. Castillo
Today’s outfit: Gant floral printed blouse, white @madewell1937 jeans, champagne flat Gap sandals and @RebeccaMinkoff MAB satchel in almond
And received this response a little later:
Rebecca Minkoff

@RebeccaMinkoff Rebecca Minkoff
Thank you Rebecca Minkoff for approving my outfit today!

“Denim After Dark” at Madewell Fifth Ave

Madewell 5th Ave

Hey Ladies! What you doing tonight? You don’t know, you say? Well I’ve got a little something here that you should check out. Madewell, one of my favorite stores (obvi), is hosting their “Denim after Dark” series TONIGHT, May 19th, at their super new Fifth Avenue store. What’s Denim After Dark?  I know that was your next question. It is an in-store shopping event that features a live DJ, sweets and treats (and when I say that, I mean cocktails), free denim hemming, and styling tips from experts. Sounds like a great time right? Hours of the event vary, so be sure to call them up for definite times. Check out the flyer and store info below. Hope to see you there!

Madewell Lower Fifth Avenue
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 228-5172