Art In NYC: Flux Art Fair Launches During an Event-Filled Week In Harlem, May 14-17 at the Corn Exchange Building

Tomo Mori, Rain, 2013, Acrylic canvas on canvas collage, 36” x 48”

The art scene in New York City has been incredibly energetic for decades, and we are seeing a resurgence of this energy in the contemporary-sphere in none other than Harlem. Leanne Stella, renowned curator & fair organizer is solidifying this position with the launch of Flux Art Fair. The inaugural fair is an extension of Stella’s Art In Flux program, which provides opportunities for artists through pop-up exhibitions in under-utilized spaces in the neighborhood.

Uday Dhar, Mirror Mirror No.8, Janus, Casein, water-based pigment, spray paint, crayon, and collage on canvas, 54” x 48” (Sold)

Flux Art Fair will take place on May 14 through the 17th, coinciding with Frieze Art Week in New York City, and will be held at the historic Corn Exchange Building. It will feature thirty artists selected by a curatorial committee consisting of Danny Simmons, Manon Slome, David C. Terry, Rachel Weingeist, Raul ZamudioRoger C Tucker IIIKristin Sancken, and Omo Misha. 

Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, Lynesse as ‘American Buffalo’, 2014, Photographed sculpture, Digital C-print, 30” x 20”

American Buffalo, 2014, Sculpture, fishnet stocking, yarn, and acrylic, 18” x 15” x 15”

The images throughout the post are a glimpse of what you can expect at the fair and beyond, as artists curated pieces for  Chef Marcus Samuelson’s Harlem EatUp!a food festival throughout Harlem that takes place the same weekend. Are you excited yet? I hope so! Read on for full event details, and how to purchase tickets below. Hope to see you there!


GENERAL ADMISSION:   May 14-17, 2015

To purchase tickets in advance, go here.

THUR/FRI/SAT 11:00 am-8:00 pm

SUN 11:00 am to 6:00 pm



81 E. 125th Street, Harlem, NYC

Art In NYC: VOLTA NY Opens Today at Pier 90 As Part of Armory Arts Week, On View Until March 8th

Here in NYC, we are in the midst of Armory Arts Week, with many shows opening today to the public, and lasting throughout the weekend. One such show we are here to feature is VOLTA NY, “an invitational fair of solo-artist projects and is the American incarnation of the original VOLTA show, which was founded in Basel in 2005.” As the show has grown since it’s inception in 2008, this is the inaugural season at the larger location of Pier 90, adjacent to the Armory Show in Piers 92 & 94.

To mark the arrival of the anticipated art event, Volta has teamed up with GalleryLog to produce a video series focused on six artists that will be participating in the show, and their inspirations. You can view Dustin Yellin’s video below.

Interested in attending the show? Details below.

LOCATION: PIER 90 // West 50th Street at 12th Avenue // New York, NY 10036




11 am – 2 pm



2 – 4 pm



6 – 8 pm

Celebration for the Artists

Cocktails by Lucano




Friday – Sunday, March 6 – 8, 11 am – 12 pm



Friday – Saturday, March 6 – 7, 12 – 8 pm

Sunday, March 8, 12 – 7 pm





General Admission $25
Vernissage Admission $25
Cultural Institutions $20
Groups (10+) $20

To purchase tickets, please go here.

Mutually acknowledged VIP access between VOLTA NY and The Armory Show

#ALifeInTheDayInMiami: Art + Beats at Sound.WAV at Aqua Art Miami Feat. Olivia Dope, MeLo-X y Mas!


In the first week of December of 2014, I was fortunate to head out to Miami for Miami Art Week with my colleagues at Audiophile PLUS. As a company, we curate music for art shows, Aqua Art Miami being our largest client to date. For this season, our musical soundscape was entitled Sound.WAV Miami, and the event was held in conjunction with B’LEVE BROWN Media, and The Life Files.


We were on set at the fair December 3-7, providing curated playlists for each day of the fair with special DJ sets in the evening.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous, giving the freezing temperatures that were occurring back home in New York City. We did have some spouts of rain during the evening, but the bright full moon let this slight downfall slide.


Our final day, which was a Sunday, was the most relaxed and included the most variety of music. Our first DJ of the afternoon was Isis Swabyboth a visual artist & DJ/producer whose soundscape is full of down-tempo and funky jams. You can check out her full set below.


My buddy and former SoundVision Miami act MeLo-X came out on the same afternoon to support with his girlfriend, visual artist & model Corey Washington. This was a particularly fun moment for me as I was able to unwind, dance, and act silly with my friends while Olivia Dope spun.


My gyal Olivia Dope was the headliner DJ on our final day, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end out our musical run! She picked up where my monster Spotify playlist ended, which was in intense reggae vibes. She kept the vibes going with throwback Shabba and Maxi Priest, which transitioned into house music, which transitioned to us looking like a girl group dancing in perfect time to her jams.

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EXCLUSIVE Interview: The Man Behind The Art Fairs, Nick Korniloff, Talks The Business of Art and What We Can Expect At The Inaugural “Downtown Fair”

Nick Korniloff
Nick Korniloff

As Frieze Art Week begins today in New York City, there are tons of happenings and shows to attend. This year marks the inaugural Downtown Fair at the 69th Regiment Armory, spearheaded by director Nick Korniloff of the Art Miami franchise. I had become familiar with Nick’s incredibly important role of  showcasing contemporary art fairs in various markets from my time working Aqua Art Miami this past December, and was fortunate to grab an interview with him to chat new endeavors!

How did you get started in the art world?

I got started in the art world through the exhibition world. I was the facilities manager at the Miami Beach Convention Center in the early ’90s, and the first show I ever worked on when I was hired by the Spectacle Management group, which was the world’s largest facility management company, was Art Miami.

I got to know the owners of that show pretty well, and they then sold that show. I continued to work in the facility and then I went to work in another South Florida venue for an international speedway corporation, helping them bring corporate sponsors to NASCAR events in Homestead, along with sports car racing, indie car racing; some  really high-profile auto racing events. In the interim, I received a call from the original owners of Art Miami, that they had just sold their Palm Beach shows to the Daily Mail Group out in London. They were looking for someone to be the General Manager of the business, handle the operations, and sponsorships. I met with the Daily Mail Group and they hired me; I became the Executive Vice President of that business, and I really grew that show to an important level both in the contemporary show and fine art fair. And then from there, I left and went to become the Director of Art Miami in 2008 for another media company, and after the economic crisis of 2008, they wanted to sell it. I bought the fair with one of my few current partners now, and from that, we formed in 2012, we spun off Art Wynwood and Art Southhampton. We created Context Art Miami, and we also announced that we would acquire the Aqua show. Directly after that we announced that we would launch (Art) Silicon Valley/San Francisco for October 2014,and while doing that, the opportunity came up to take over the Downtown Fair, which never happened before, in New York during Frieze Week. It’s been keeping us quite busy.

Tell us more about the Downtown Fair.

This will be the first year for the Downtown Fair, during Frieze Week, and we’re bringing it to the historic 69th Regiment Armory on 25th and Lex, which is a fantastic location…the original site of the historical Armory Show in 1913. We’re re-energizing that site and re-purposing that building for a major international art fair with 50 top exhibitors from emerging, mid-career, cutting-edge, to modern, and classical-modern [art]. Lots of blue-chip. Lots of work that will be seen for the first time. It’s really exciting for us. We’ve been looking to do a show in New York for a long time.

What do you believe sets Downtown Fair apart from others?

Our fair will be the only fair that has very strong blue-chip contemporary type of work from top artists; Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein, and others. You will see a lot of material that has specifically been created for the fair by the artists being represented at the show. That in particular is one of the big differences, the other is the ambience, and look, and design of the show.

You have this great infrastructure with the Downtown Armory, we’re only 10 blocks away from the Frieze Ferry, but when you walk in, we would have transformed that facility like no one else has before. It will be an intimate experience for those that attend.

How important do you feel it is to meld the worlds of art and music?

In this day-and-age, I think it is extremely important. The energy of all the arts together; whether it be performing arts, visual arts, is extremely important in the cultural development and continuation of the arts in general. I think they come hand in hand.


Downtown Fair runs from May 8 – 11 at 68 Lexington Ave. For more info, please visit the official website.