Remember My Jord Watch? Snag One on Amazon Prime Day!

JORD Surprise

Seriously, you need to get this watch!

Remember my JORD Watch? Back around the holiday 2016 season, I shared a sponsored campaign I created around my awesome JORD Frankie 35mm women’s wooden watch featured in the photo above. It is a great classic style that can be dressed up or down with your favorite wardrobe staples. I personally wear it everyday, and get tons of compliments from friends and strangers alike.


You know what time it is? Time for a new watch!

As today is Amazon Prime Day (7/11), YOU my friend are in for a treat! All JORD watches are 30% off today on Amazon, with the sale ending this evening at 11:59 PM EST. Do not fret, there are styles for the fellas too! Follow my links below to get in on the big sale. Happy shopping!

JORD Wooden Wrist Watches for Women – Frankie 35mm Series / Wood Watch Band / Wood Bezel / Analog Quartz Movement – Includes Wood Watch Box

JORD Wooden Wrist Watches for Men – Delmar Sport Series / Wood Watch Band / Wood Bezel / Analog Quartz Movement – Includes Wood Watch Box


*I received a complimentary JORD watch for my post, and receive commission on purchases as an Amazon Affiliate

Hanging With Mack Wilds At Canal Street Market

Chilling with Mack at the Market

Since December, I have been moonlighting, or I guess in this circumstance “daylighting” at the Canal Street Market. Located at 261-267 Canal Street in Chinatown, the space is a massive multi-vendor marketplace, housing various small businesses, designers, and makers, most that are local to New York. The market opened in December 2016 to the public, just in time for the holidays, and just this month, opened a Food Hall on May 15th. I have worked sales booths for EIR NYC, Upstate Stock, Kindred Black, as well as the market’s Design Shop, and even on my days off, I find myself coming right back to the market.

In addition to all the shopping and food offerings, the market hosts a multitude of multidisciplinary events (product launches, magazine parties, talks, etc.), and it becoming a hot spot to shoot content, giving its clean design and Instagram-worthy murals by Alex Proba.

Look at these kids! LOL

A few weeks back on one of my days off, my boy Jason asked if I wanted to be second camera for a VIBE Magazine shoot with Mack Wilds at Canal Street Market. I have known Mack and the VIBE team since 2013, back when I was at Concrete Loop and I interviewed him for the site (still one of my favorite artist interviews to date that you can view here), so of course I said yes. I walked in that Friday afternoon to the market and my peeps there were a bit confused. They knew I was not scheduled to  work that day, so as I walked further back into the lounge, they knew I was there for the shoot. We had a full team, Mikey Fresh interviewing, Jason L. Chandler filming, and Karl Ferguson Jr. shooting behind-the-scenes photos. In my words, “Black Eyed Peas with Fergie.”

As we had to wait on Mack for a little bit, I was the light tester for Karl, meaning it was like a mini fake photoshoot for me, which I am totally cool with. More content! We set up the lounge area that was curated by West Elm, to evoke maximum cozy + cool factor for the shoot, and I think we did a pretty good job.

Album cover or nah?

Once he arrived, I received the biggest hug in the world, and we got down to it. I helped mic him up and make sure no wires were visible on camera. Once he was ready, I got behind the second camera to ensure we got a clean second angle while Jason was on the main camera, and Mikey interviewed. It was really awesome to see how much Mack has grown as an artist, just having released his second album, After Hours, with the accompanying mini-series on TIDAL, and starring in not one, but two television series, VH1’s The Breaks and FOX’s Shots Fired, respectively.

After the conclusion of the interview, we chopped it up a bit and Karl took all the super-fun photos of us together that you see above. It was an awesome afternoon, and a reminder that no matter how crazy life can be, I always end up in the right place at the right time.

Portrait by Karl Ferguson Jr.

Watch a clip from his interview with VIBE’s Mikey Fresh below, and stay tuned for new tings and collabs from yours truly!

*Photos by Karl Ferguson Jr.

EVENT + GIVEAWAY: BUST Craftacular’s “Primped” At The Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Sun. April 19th. Enter To WIN Tickets!

Hey girl hey! So Spring has officially sprung for real in New York City, and you are probably in a state of immense spring cleaning and wardrobe updating, right? Wouldn’t it be perfect to update your wardrobe and home with pieces from local indie makers, who are mostly women, and get dolled up at the same time? Of course you answered yes! Well, the BUST Craftacular “Primped” event is back next week at Brooklyn Night Bazaar to serve up some goodness.


The event will feature over 65 indie beauty, fashion, and vintage vendors for your shopping pleasure, along with many FREE activities, including:

Admission for the event is $5, BUT since you are here on the blog, YOU (yes you) can win a pair of tickets for yourself and your favorite girlfriend! We will be giving out three pairs of tickets. Here’s what you gotta do.

  • Leave a quick comment below to say which friend of yours you will bring if chosen. First name or social media name is fine!
  • Follow @alifeinthedayof on Twitter & Instagram
  • “Like” us on Facebook, and tell your friends!

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. May the odds be in your favor!

#AlifeinthedayInToronto: A Trip Downtown to the OVO Pop-Up Shop

A streetcar, that is not so desired

Twas an overcast afternoon on Queen Street E, and the gang, which included myself, Kortnee, Jahmal, and our host Deb, decided to take a trip to Dundas St. in Downtown Toronto to stop by the OVO Pop-Up shop. As we were in town for Drake’s OVO Fest weekend, the star held a local pop-up shop of OVO branded apparel & accessories downtown, as well as at the festival.

During our stay we were introduced to Toronto’s streetcars (seen in the photo above), that have been around for decades, and continue to have mixed reviews from the public as society becomes more advanced technologically. We decided against taking the streetcar, and opted for a taxi to Dundas St.

Canadian 20 Dollar notes

Once we arrived, Kortnee and I exchanged some of our American money over to Canadian dollars so we could more freely shop! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s face emblazons the dollar notes, which have a plastic-feel. I can compare the notes most closely to Euros in regards to look and feel.

Kortnee, our lovely hostess Deb, and I

Whist walking to the shop, I decided to stop and take a group photo of the girls and I. I don’t call it an “USSIE”, I call it a group photo taken with my long arm, cuz I’m old school yo! I really dig this photo because it was totally unplanned and it came out just the way I had imagined.

A face seen throughout Downtown Toronto. Reminiscent of Disclosure, no?

We jumped on the line for the OVO Pop-Up shop (yes there was a line, but we were tourists, so we waited) and my eyes were treated to many walls covered in cool street art. I snapped a photo of this face up top, that reminded me of “The Face” that is present in all of Disclosure’s visual marketing and merchandise.

Kortnee and I posted up with OB O’Brien of TOP SZN

After a few minutes of waiting, we finally got into the shop to peruse the latest offerings from OVO. The minimal space showcased tees, hoodies, shorts, hats, and keychains in OVO splendor, marked with the collective’s signature owl, “6IX” and “6” as a homage to Toronto’s 416 area code, and the simple “October’s Very Own” branding.

While inside, we had the opportunity to take a photo with OB O’Brien of TOP SZN, who’s song “2 On” is currently burning up the airwaves. OB was a sweetheart, and soon after we met the other half of TOP SZN, Ryan. We had already taken a photo, so we didn’t want to be weird and take another, but it’s all good. The guys were great, and the quality of the tees was super comfy.

Keep an eye open for a glimpse of the tees later on in my series, and be sure to check out all my spots in my Enjoy Toronto w/ AKC TripleSpot List.

*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo

#MANday Feature: Father’s Day Gifts For The Budget-Conscious Feat. Cultivate Wines, HIT E-Cigars, & British Sterling Colognes

On June 15, 2014, we celebrate Father’s Day. Known as the day to give thanks and commemorate the fathers in our lives, folks often give elaborate gifts and experiences. But what about those that are a bit strapped for cash? We’ve rounded up a few affordable gifts that Dad is sure to appreciate. As  a note, all gifts on this list are under $25, so let’s get to it!


“The Gambler” Malbec 2011 by Cultivate Wines

A bottle of wine is always a nice treat for Dad. Cultivate Wines offers up a bold Malbec in “The Gambler”. The 90% Malbec, 10% Bonarda blend has a deep red color with a purple center, with a nose of olives, leather, strawberry. “The Gambler” can be purchased directly from the Cultivate Wines website.

Cost. $14.99

HIT Bold & Mild E-Cigars

Cigars, through the years, have been paired with men of a certain stature, encompassing the must lusted after leisure life. With varieties of Cuban cigars costing approximately $20 each, where is the alternative for those who want to treat Dad, but are strapped for cash? Enter HIT E-Cigars, an electronic cigar that fulfills the cigar smoking experience in a vape. Offered in a Mild variety containing 16 mg of nicotine, and a Bold variety containing 24 mg of nicotine. HIT E-Cigars can be purchased directly from the company website.

Cost: $21.oo

British Sterling H.I.M. ‘Private Stock’ & ‘Reserve’ Colognes

When it comes to a gift for Dad, or any other man in your life, you can never go wrong with a fragrance. Heritage brand British Sterling has revamped their image, and has launched a new a collection of colognes called “H.I.M.”. The ‘Private Stock’ and ‘Reserve’ fragrances are served up in sleek silver packaging, that Dad will appreciate. Here is the lowdown on the scents:

  • British Sterling H.I.M. ‘Reserve’ — a provocative oriental blend of fresh citruses, bold spices and sensual woods
  • British Sterling H.I.M. ‘Private Stock’ — which showcases fresh citruses  combined with crisp woods, aromatic spices and rich undertones

British Sterling H.I.M. colognes can be purchased at Walmart, in-store, or online here.

Cost: $24.99

We hope you dig our suggestions, and we wish the fathers in your life a very Happy Father’s Day in advance!

Beauty: Birchbox Launches The Limited-Edition “Free For All” Box, Featuring All Natural Products

The products inside Birchbox's "Free For All" box
The products inside Birchbox’s “Free For All” box

In the ever-changing beauty and cosmetic industry, the trend as of late is marketing more ethical and natural products. Many consumers with certain allergies or moral standards, seek these products out as they are both good for them, and for the earth. Birchbox, realizing how important this is, decided to  launch a limited-edition box called “Free For All”.

All items in the box are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals and GMOs.

The box, which is not a part of the subscription and retails for $44 includes

This box is the premier product from the brand’s newest category, “Ingredient-Conscious Selections”. Check out the video above to get more information on the products inside the “Free For All” box. Happy shopping!

MANday is Back!


is BACK up in your area!

Almost a year ago, I introduced MANday on A Life in the Day of Andrea. MANday, a play on everyone’s least favorite day of the week, Monday, is the day I choose to feature posts on men’s style. I am the youngest and only girl of my siblings, having three brothers my senior, and have been helping them get dressed my entire life.

  • Which shoe goes better?
  • Hat or no hat?
  • Pea coat or leather jacket?

Andrea always had, and will continue to have the answer for that. Starting tomorrow I will begin to publish MANday stories on the regular, every Monday. I also welcome you to ask me any questions about men’s style. I will answer these weekly. Get excited fellas 🙂

eM Productions Annual Fall Sample Sale 12/6 – 12/8!

Dec 2012 sample saleSample sale alert! Super cute multi-line showroom eM Productions is hosting their annual sample sale in their NY location with prices up to 70% off. Brands include:

Ace & Jig


Something Else


By Zoe


Keds Clothing


& Vintage

The sale is CASH only and proceeds of purchases will be donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. Shop for a cause! All info on the flyer above.


Rachel Zoe Sample Sale 6/27-30

(28/29 STREET)
NYC NY 10001

via 260 Sample Sale

Sample Sale This Week: J. Crew

Peep the flyer below. J. Crew sample sale this week for men, women, and children. Hooray!

Featuring a selection of Women’s styles (including jewelry, shoes, and dresses), along with styles from our Men’s and Crewcuts for kids collections and a limited assortment from Madewell.
(28/29 STREET)
NYC NY 10001

MANday Feature: Swag of the Month

Tee by Kinetix

Everyone wants to look good, but does not necessarily have the time to do so. Style-conscious concierge based e-commerce sites are on the rise. We see it on flash sites like Gilt and Ideeli where a membership fee is not required, and fee based sites like Shoe Dazzle for the ladies, and Trunk Club for the fellas. The underlying notion that drives this business model is the idea of having a personal shopper. Having the option of joining a site where you are offered sartorial choices given your personal styles preference is garnering much popularity because of our hectic lifestyles.

Shoe Dazzle offers members a new pair of hand-selected shoes each month for as low as $39.95, and Trunk Club sends members a selection of personalized outfit choices (higher end) which the customer tries out, and buys what works best for him (the Netflix model). But how about more casual options? How about if you’re a dude that just wants some help finding some cool tees every month? This is where Swag of the Month comes in.

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MANday Feature: Indochino

An example of Indochino’s suit offerings

What makes a man? Many may argue his character, which is of upmost importance, but his appearance is also high on the list. Well tailored clothing separates the men from the boys. In the transitional time post college graduation, most young men find it quite difficult to “dress the part” as the tailored pieces they aspire to most often break the bank. In this case, you have a few options:

  1. Starve a little and save up for the perfect Ferragamo suit (specifically one, because you probably aren’t balling out of control yet. If you are, more props to you bro!)
  2. Search the racks of department stores and other chain-retailers for a suit that will do, but most often will require additional tailoring
  3. Starve some more and save those extra Ferragamo dollars for a made-to-measure suit that will cost you a few thousand dollars
  4. Cry and sulk

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Harlem Flo Boutique x AKC!

Back from a brief hiatus, I have wonderful news to share! I’ve been building my skills and network over these past few weeks and am proud to share that I am now working with Harlem Flo Boutique on various projects! The opportunity was brought to me by my good friend CJ (whom I interned for back in 2005). I will be working as social media manager, increasing the boutique’s online presence, as well as spearheading in-store merchandising, and special event maintenance. Harlem Flo Boutique opened in 2010 and is the sister boutique to Harlem Flo Floral AtelierAs a lifestyle boutique, the product mix includes art & culture coffee table books, home items, tech accessories, jewelry from local artisans, art installations, and much more!

I recently collaborated on a promotional shoot for the boutique showcasing the beautiful location and product. Check out the photos below.

I’m so excited for everything on the radar. Next time you are in Harlem, be sure to stop by and say hi, and pick up something cool for your home.

Harlem Flo Boutique

2276 Frederick Douglass Blvd (Eighth Ave) at 122nd St.

New York, NY 10026

In the meantime, be sure to “LIKE” Harlem Flo Boutique on Facebook, and follow our brand new Twitter @HarlemFloBoutiq. 🙂