Nailed It: Pinky Brown by Models Own

It’s been a hot minute since I have done a nail review, but best believe, it was worth the wait. During February, AKA “fashion month”, I received tons of goodies in gift bags, one that stood out was from the CURVExpo Fashion Night In. When rummaging through the bag, I came across  a sleek nail […]

Nailed It: Pure Ice “Scream”

With the calendar stating that summer is FINALLY with us,  I wanted to try something a little bolder in the nail color department. I have a penchant for all colors in the blue and green family, and wanted to try a deep teal that would pop against my skin tone. “Scream” by Pure Ice is […]

Nailed It: Pure Ice “Home Run”

It has been a minute since I posted anything in reference to nails because, let’s face it, I go long stretches without doing my nails. Given that spring has finally shown its face in the mean streets of NYC, I found it fitting to post on spring nail trends. Pastels are always a go-to this […]

Nailed It: Nubar for The Painted Nail

In the sunny state of California, in the hip town we know as Los Angeles, lies a playground for women called The Painted Nail. Opened in March of 2009 by Katie Cazorla, the nail salon is a must for celebs and working moms alike. The extreme popularity of the salon has launched a reality show […]