#ALifeInTheDayInBarbados: Jammin On A Catamaran Atop Crystal Blue Waters

catamaransail copy


#ALifeInTheDayInBarbados. In my last post, we explored the natural wonder of Barbados’ Harrison’s Cave, and in this final edition, we are back on the water having some good old fashioned island fun. I am always up for hopping on a boat and taking a little trip on the waters, so when Lauren mentioned that there was a catamaran day trip, I was on it. In a similar fashion as Harrison’s Cave, we signed up for the Jammin Catamaran Cruise via our hotel activities desk, and placed our deposit. We chose the Sun Blast Cruise, with a length of 5 1/2 hours starting at 9AM, serving breakfast, lunch, unlimited rum punch, and proper Caribbean tunes.



On the morning of our trip, a van greeted us at our hotel and picked up other guests along the way until we reached the dock of the catamaran. Once out of our shuttle, we paid the remainder of our package in the company’s office on the dock, and were then set to board our home for the next 5 1/2 hours, the 63 ft Jammin catamaran. The girls and I immediately found our spot on top of the net, and placed our things down for maximum sun exposure. We applied our sunscreen and proceeded to have a light breakfast of a muffin and some juice.


Hills are Alive

I love the sea and ocean immensely, so to be sitting on top of the catamaran with the deep blue water in perfect view was icing on the cake. We made a few stops along the way. Our first stop was snorkeling with the turtles. Unfortunately on our day, the turtles were not out in plain view, but we were guided to sites of shipwrecks in the area which was awesome to see. I kicked myself as I did not bring my GoPro to capture the underwater moments, but seeing with my bare eyes was probably more special.


Can you see the indentation of the goggles on my forehead?

Although it was not my first time snorkeling, I had my goggles on quite tight which left a mark, seen in the photo above. I did not capture a photo of us in our snorkeling gear, but we had it all; goggles, vest and flippers. After our dip, we all got back on the boat for a proper cruise to the other side of the island on the Atlantic Ocean.


Coast Guard sighting

We passed a bevy of ocean liners, including more catamarans, yachts, and Coast Guard vessels. In our cruise to the other side of the island, the water got deeper, and a very bold shade of blue that I had never before seen. On the Atlantic side, we anchored down and were given the opportunity to partake in some water sports. I was not really interested in water sports, but looked to the shore and said to myself, “I am going to swim to the shore and back!”


The Party Patrol

Since I was in deep waters, I took one of the flotation noodles with me, strategically placed it at my waist and swam to the shore. The waves were a little harsh as I was now in the ocean and not the sea, and I was washed up on the shore into a bunch of shells and small rocks. I scraped up my knees a bit, but it was cool. I caught my breath, and swam back to the boat, which was a feat in itself. The waves were against me, so I had to calm myself, not panic, and slow down my breathing to swim back to the vessel. I finally reached back, completely out of breath, and ready for a drink. The crew was ready with copious amounts of Mount Gay rum and mixers.


Gyal Dem

Lunch was also served around this time, which consisted of a vegetable rice, steamed fish, chicken drumsticks, macaroni pie, salad, and some rolls. I made sure to eat up proper before I imbibed. We gathered up and took this photo with our drinks and bottles of rum, toasting to the birthday gyal Lauren. The reggae tunes were going strong, and dancing commenced. In the last thirty minutes of our cruise, the crew got all of us together for a conga line to some soca and “Dollar Wine” (because what’s a party without “Dollar Wine”? seriously) to end the day’s vibes on a high note. We shared cupcakes for all the birthday folks on board, and I flexed some of my wining skills after, to the surprise of many. I was aptly named the “silent dancer”, which I found hilarious.



We arrived back at the dock after 2:30 PM, slightly bummed as we would have liked to stay on the catamaran all day. We met a multitude of great people, both locals and tourists, for one of my favorite highlights of my Barbados trip. Back to the van we went to be dropped off at our hotels, and reality set in; this was our last full day on the beautiful island, so we had to live it up.

Although just a few days, I found such peace and beauty in Barbados, I felt at home. I can’t wait to go back, hopefully for Crop Over, and I will take you along for the ride in my next edition of #ALifeInTheDayInBarbados. Until next time!


*All photos by Andrea K. Castillo

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