Springing Into Year Six Of The Blog: A Reflection

Walking Into Year SIX!

As I sit here composing this here post, I think to myself, “Where has all the time went?” On April 18, 2011, I created A Life In The Day of Andrea, publishing my first post detailing the inspiration behind the blog’s name, and what I would be writing about. In the now six years since its inception, my site has been the impetus to the majority of my work in writing (both editorial and otherwise), photography, video & film, and a major catalyst in meeting and connecting with interesting people and brands all over the world. As a freelancer with a varied skill set who is always trying to find creative and fulfilling ways to make a living, I admit that sometimes the blog, which was to be an extension of myself, has been neglected much over these past six years. I hear similar sentiments when I speak to my contemporaries in the blogosphere. Sometimes, we create this online space as a promotional tool, to show the world how cute we are to get modeling gigs, how impressionable we are to sell the products of others, and what a damn good writer we are to get writing gigs at respectable publications that we always dreamed of contributing to.

But how can one forget about themselves when that outlet for self (i.e. blog) is what got you to where you are right now? It is quite easy, by simply doing that, forgetting about oneself.

Always a silly moment

Reaching another April is always a reminder of starting something new, and for me, it has been one of my most reflective months of the past six years. Because of this, I overanalyze what I have done in the past 365 days from both a professional and personal standpoint and because I am a perfectionist (which I am actively working on ending); I often feel that I have fallen short. On this day, I look back and think why I haven’t properly promoted myself over these years? Why is my following so low? Why are people not reading my posts like they used to? Why are these newer bloggers getting all the campaigns that I’ve wanted for so long? All my questions have really boiled down to “What am I doing wrong?”

Field Coat: Alpha Industries | Tee: Vince | Jeans: Level 99 | Desert Boots: Clarks

I love photoshoots but feel awkward with the idea of my site being all fashion/outfit posts, because I have a strong voice. I love being on-camera and interviewing people or doing reviews, but I have often shied away from it as I am not super-skilled in editing, and don’t have a huge budget to hire someone to create my video content. I have filled myself with doubt when I know and trust that I am capable of doing extraordinary things, but why? Because I forgot about myself. In all the formerly mentioned situations, I have compared myself to someone else. I have no idea what someone else is dealing with, what resources they have, and if they have a team behind them. I am one person, running a personal blog, that is grateful to have a great network of  photographers (mostly friends) that have helped create the beautiful images of myself that I am unable to. Many thanks to Christine Yoo for creating these images that portray me as the most authentic version of myself.


So what’s next? I will start by not over-planning or over-promising anything. In the past, I have tried my go at creating a super fancy editorial calendar, filled with daily content which always fell through as I overwhelmed myself with incredible responsibility. What I can do is commit to one post a week (minimum), documenting what’s going on in my life, writing about favorite new tunes, food, and projects. I do have some exciting things on the radar, like executive producing and hosting my own web show (stay tuned), new editorial responsibilities, and tons of new photographic and video content across the board. I am far from perfect, but am actively holding myself accountable to create good work for myself and you, my wonderful readers, for years to come.


*Photos by Christine Yoo

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