Gogobot Celebrates Five Years With A Special Lunch-Break Field Trip For Adults in NYC

Gogobot CEO, Travis Katz

You are at the age now that you have accepted the fact that you are indeed, an adult. You have your time every now to revert to childhood pleasantries, but when can you say is the last time you’ve been on a field trip?  Popular travel/discovery app Gogobot wanted to recreate this feeling with a special field trip for adults, in celebration of the company’s five-year anniversary. The mission? Invite NYC-based writers and editors our for a lunch-break field trip, to help them rediscover their city, one location at a time.

Hosted by Gogobot founder Travis Katz, our group was chauffeured around in a swanky tour bus provided by The Ride NYCa unique tour bus that has a full side window that passengers face to see the city around them.

My crispy fish taco

While on the bus, we were fed by Camion NYC, a local Mexican food truck with every taco you could ever want. As there were many to choose from, I went for chicken tacos, and the crispy fish taco, which you can see in the photo above. I must say the fish taco was next level! The crispiness paired with the crispness of the radish and cilantro, blended beautifully with the avocado-based sauce. Sooooo good!

Sweethaus founder Tara Koenig

Our group met the bus in Union Square, and once we were off, our first stop was back home in Brooklyn. We drove to Williamsburg to visit Sweethaus; a unique vintage-styled bakeshop/diner concept that was founded in Charlottesville, Virginia. The co-founder, Tara Koenig, greeted us with homemade pumpkin spice lattes in these super cute mini mugs. She gave us a little insight on the location, which is their first in Brooklyn, and the second outside of their main location in Virginia. The Brooklyn location is different in the fact that it serves food like a diner, outside of all their dessert offerings.

We were also treated to their signature mini-cupcakes and a goodie bag of hard-to-find vintage candies. A great spot for the entire family, or those that have a massive sweet tooth.

Learning about Streb

Next up on our tour was Streb, part trapeze & extreme dance school, part performance space. Founded in 1985 by choreographer Elizabeth Streb, her mission for the company since its inception has been to test the limits of the human body. The school utilizes elements of dance, trapeze arts, and gymnastics in its programs. Classes are available for all age groups, and performances are held throughout the year on-site, as well as at various locations.

Taking a sip at Brooklyn Winery

Just a few blocks away from Streb was our next stop, and one that I was really looking forward to, Brooklyn Winery. You may be thinking, “a winery, in Brooklyn?”, and I would answer you with a roaring yes! Upon entering the gorgeous dining area, complete with reclaimed wood furnishing and minimal lighting, we were greeted by a counter full of glasses of 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma. It was here that co-founder Brian Leventhal came out to welcome us, and give us some background on the winery.

The winemaking process

From the dining area, we were taken to where all the magic happens, and were able to see the full process in which their wines are made. Given our location, all of their grapes are transported from the West Coast, but they are fermented in vats in the winery, and all are bottled on site. Won’t lie, I kind of geeked out when I saw all of these grapes. It’s almost unreal.

The goods at Modern Pinball

After leaving the winery, we hopped back on the bus to swing back into Manhattan to visit Modern Pinball on the East Side. A few blocks from our destination at a stop light, we were treated to a special rap performance from a local performer street side. The Ride employs tons of local musicians and performers for pop-up entertainment along your bus tour route.

Upon entering Modern Pinball, it almost felt like I was transported to the past, like I was in Pinball Wizard! The concept is unique as you purchase a wristband for a certain amount of time to enjoy unlimited pinball, as opposed to paying for each game individually. I can’t say I am a pinball aficionado by any means, but the selection of vintage and new machines alike is a treat. A great spot to bring the entire family during a holiday.

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Gogobot field trip for adults. I was able to visit a bunch of unique NYC locations that I had not experienced prior, which is always a treat. It’s always a pleasure to discover local gems, and I will continue to do so with the Gogobot app. Happy exploring!


*All photos by Andrea K. Castillo

I received a complimentary tour sponsored by Gogobot.


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