Goodness Knows Snack Squares Launches In NYC w/ Goodness Market, Hosted by Whitney Port

Goodness Knows spokesperson, Whitney Port, greeting guests

When you think of the word “goodness”, what are the first things that come to mind? Do you think of doing good on to others? Eating good? Feeling good? Or is a combination of all of the above? The folks at Goodness Knows used this concept to create a one of a kind Goodness Market in late October for New York City lifestyle writers and editors, to introduce their snack squares to the market.

Gabby Bernstein chatting with guests

Hosted by fashion designer Whitney Portthe space was segmented into four main kiosk sections: Good Vibes, Good Strength, Good Food, and Good Work, where attendees could “shop” with their provided tote bag. The Good Vibes kiosk, hosted by lifestyle guru Gabby Bernstein, was a space to tune into positive actions and mindfulness. We were able to shop for a candle, essential oils to unwind, a journal, and box to rid away all of our negative thoughts.

Testing out resistance bands with Adam

At Good Strength, fitness & nutrition coach Adam Rosante gave us a great pep talk on strength and how we can maximize it in our everyday lives. Whether it be something as small as using a resistance band at your desk to improve posture, or lifting weights to build overall core strength, Adam had awesome advice and demos, as you can see in the photo above. We were able to walk away with our own resistance band, jump rope, yoga tune up balls (massage balls similar to a tennis ball), and a gift card to, where you are able to choose a charitable cause to donate your gift to.

Carolyn Brown speaking about healthy eating

Next up was one of my favorite kiosks, Good Food, hosted by nutritionist Carolyn Brown. Her station stressed the importance of hydration and the use of spices in our everyday diets. Carolyn also mentioned how eating more plant-based products can make you feel better throughout the day. I was really excited by the gifts from this section as they included a bunch of products I was looking to purchase. I snagged an infuser water bottle, vegetable spiral slicer (really geeked with this one), and some cayenne pepper and cinnamon spices.

Adrian Granzella Larssen talking about good work

The final kiosk was Good Work, hosted by Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Muse, Adrian Granzella LarssenHere, Adrian gave us great tips to enhance the goodness of our work environment. We are not always that lucky to choose our co-workers, but at the very least, we can create a space that works for us. She mentioned the positive effect of greenery, whether it be a small succulent, or larger leafy plant;  studies show that they can increase productivity. We were able to walk away with mini succulent plants, a business card holder, thank you notes, and a nice old-fashioned pencil case.

Floral station. Photo: Andrea K. Castillo

The gifts kept on giving as after the hosted kiosks, there was a space to make your own floral arrangement! Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a lover of all flora and fauna, so this was an exciting moment to pick out an pair blooms for the perfect bedroom arrangement. The burlap wrap (not seen) was an excellent touch.

Food, colorful food. Photo: Andrea K. Castillo

Are you asking, “Where’s the food?”; of course there was food! In addition to the copious amounts of Goodness Knows Snack Squares that were in tow, a spread of healthy, tasty eats was present. I loved the quinoa cups with pomegranate, as well as the bread/cheese/microgreen options. So delicious, and filling.

I had such an excellent time at Goodness Market. I learned so much, was treated to great eats, and came home with a bag full of treats! Thanks so much to the Goodness Knows team and Talk To Current for having me. ❤


*All photos courtesy of Goodness Knows

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