What I’m Reading: “The Kindness Diaries” by Leon Logothetis

When writing is how you make a living (for the most part), sometimes it is quite difficult to take a step back and read a full book from cover to cover. I have expressed in previous posts in the past few months that I have been experiencing the ups and downs of life, regarding direction of my career, family, and love life. I believe that is what the age 29 brings, a lot more WTF moments before the EUREKA!

Always looking for inspiration around me, I finally decided to pick up and read The Kindness Diaries by Leon Logothetis, that I was gifted from the author/publisher. I read the short reviews in the inside cover, along with the synopsis and thought, “this idea, of a middle-aged white man traveling the world on ‘kindness’ alone sounds a bit far-fetched”. Despite my initial reluctance, I decided to read the book anyway.

I was admittedly feeling a bit down and figured a story of kindness could possibly brighten my day. I turned the pages and was welcomed by Logothetis’ conversational tone; it felt like I was reading the tale of a friend I had known for years. We get the background of what brought him to deciding to travel around the world on a yellow motorbike without money and the will of surviving on the kindness of the people he met around the way to survive. Having been unfulfilled in his career as a stockbroker in his native London, Logothetis begins his story setting out to the bright lights of Los Angeles to get his foot in the television industry.

As time passes, he notices that he has become a bit jaded in his L.A. life, and sees the signs around him that point to going outward, to bring love and kindness inward. Logothetis sets out on his yellow motorbike, affectionately named Kindness One from L.A., leaving his girlfriend and dog behind to circumnavigate the globe on kindness alone. No money, food, accommodations, gas money; nothing but a small bag of clothes and a laptop to check in with family back home. The only catch here, which is a good catch, is that Logothetis would promise to pay back each person that helped him, with a meaningful gift.

Reading his detailed accounts of human interaction worried me a bit; would people believe his story and help? Would he really pay back those that gave him food and shelter as they struggled to feed themselves? These were my questions throughout, that were silenced through reading further. I do not want to give the entire account away, but in reading Logothetis’ tale, I was truly in awe with humanity, mainly the kindness he received simply by asking for it, in a genuine way. It really opened my eyes as I know it is hard for me to ask for help at times, to think that he traveled the world solo without any money and was cared for along the way is astounding!

If you need to take a step back, and be reminded of the kindness in humanity, I would definitely recommend reading this book. The Kindness Diaries is available for purchase now on Amazon.


I received a complimentary copy of ‘The Kindness Diaries.’


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