That Time I Got My Hair Cut At ARROJO Williamsburg With Celebrity Hairstylist Paul Merritt

ARROJO Williamsburg. Photo courtesy of ARROJO

The summer can really do a ton of damage to your hair. Whether it be excessive exposure to UV rays, or chlorine or salt water, our tresses need a bit of revamp at the end of the season. This summer my mane was in full splendor after my cut & color from ARROJO Williamsburg in late-May had grown out a bit. I was starting to notice that my ends were looking a bit sad, and told myself I was due for another cut.

Hair whilst in Cali. Long but needing a cut.

I really noticed this while I was out in California for my birthday, and was determined to get another trim or cut by end of August. On my last day out West, I received an email from Andrew Arrojo to come in for cut the following day (my first day back in NYC), but not just any cut; this would be a cut with celebrity hairstylist Paul Merritt. His work has been featured in various international fashion magazines, so I was super pumped.

When I arrived at ARROJO Williamsburg that afternoon and was greeted by Paul, I immediately thought, “This man is cool”, and that he was. I told him about my hair and how I wasn’t afraid to cut some length off as I knew I had a lot of dead ends at the time. I also stressed that I wanted a style that had the versatility of being styled curly or straight effortlessly. He knew just what to do, and gave me a freehand dry cut, which is great for curls as you can see the shape properly throughout.

Paul Merritt and I, post hair-cut

We chatted a lot about music and the UK garage scene (he’s from London), as well as hair color. My highlights have been growing out, and I had experimented with an aqua semi-permanent dye, which made my tresses look green at the time. “You should do the green!” he said, and I totally agreed. “I want highlights to match my eyes”, I said, so look out for that sometime soon. I wasn’t afraid that more length came off than I expected, as my hair grows back relatively fast. The following evening I had a birthday party to attend where I would debut my look.

New haircut, kind of blurry selfie

To say I was not feeling myself would be the opposite of the truth. The shorter length that barely grazed my shoulders made me feel super sexy, in a “I’m the boss” kind of way. It was so awesome to receive this cut from Paul. Are you digging the look? Let me know in the comments!


*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo’s iPhone

I received a complimentary haircut from ARROJO Williamsburg.

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