That Time I Got My Hair Cut At ARROJO Williamsburg With Celebrity Hairstylist Paul Merritt

ARROJO Williamsburg. Photo courtesy of ARROJO

The summer can really do a ton of damage to your hair. Whether it be excessive exposure to UV rays, or chlorine or salt water, our tresses need a bit of revamp at the end of the season. This summer my mane was in full splendor after my cut & color from ARROJO Williamsburg in late-May had grown out a bit. I was starting to notice that my ends were looking a bit sad, and told myself I was due for another cut.

Hair whilst in Cali. Long but needing a cut.

I really noticed this while I was out in California for my birthday, and was determined to get another trim or cut by end of August. On my last day out West, I received an email from Andrew Arrojo to come in for cut the following day (my first day back in NYC), but not just any cut; this would be a cut with celebrity hairstylist Paul Merritt. His work has been featured in various international fashion magazines, so I was super pumped.

When I arrived at ARROJO Williamsburg that afternoon and was greeted by Paul, I immediately thought, “This man is cool”, and that he was. I told him about my hair and how I wasn’t afraid to cut some length off as I knew I had a lot of dead ends at the time. I also stressed that I wanted a style that had the versatility of being styled curly or straight effortlessly. He knew just what to do, and gave me a freehand dry cut, which is great for curls as you can see the shape properly throughout.

Paul Merritt and I, post hair-cut

We chatted a lot about music and the UK garage scene (he’s from London), as well as hair color. My highlights have been growing out, and I had experimented with an aqua semi-permanent dye, which made my tresses look green at the time. “You should do the green!” he said, and I totally agreed. “I want highlights to match my eyes”, I said, so look out for that sometime soon. I wasn’t afraid that more length came off than I expected, as my hair grows back relatively fast. The following evening I had a birthday party to attend where I would debut my look.

New haircut, kind of blurry selfie

To say I was not feeling myself would be the opposite of the truth. The shorter length that barely grazed my shoulders made me feel super sexy, in a “I’m the boss” kind of way. It was so awesome to receive this cut from Paul. Are you digging the look? Let me know in the comments!


*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo’s iPhone

I received a complimentary haircut from ARROJO Williamsburg.

One thought on “That Time I Got My Hair Cut At ARROJO Williamsburg With Celebrity Hairstylist Paul Merritt

  1. Omg. I had the exact same experience yesterday at the studio off Varick Street! How amazing is he?!? I also recommend Emilie too! She is great with color but this time she gave me an American Wave. It was awesome. Everyone there is so cool! I’m glad you got to have that experience too!!!!

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