What I’m Reading: “Happy Is The New Healthy: 31 Ways To Relax, Let Go, And Enjoy Your Life Now!” By Dave Romanelli


Life is all about timing. People come and go, opportunities show themselves, we live, and we learn. We receive advice that we may or may not take, but there are always those lessons or teachings that come at just the right time. I received one such message whilst reading Happy Is The New Healthy by Dave Romanelli. It’s really quite interesting how I even got my hands on the book, a signed copy at that.

As I have been focused on fitness as of late, running, yoga & core strengthening specifically, I always search for classes in the city, specifically those that are free. I saw on Athleta’s calendar for in-store events that they were hosting a Yoga & Chocolate session with Romanelli, whom is a yogi, life coach, and chocolate connoisseur. How could I say no to that? I woke up early that Sunday morning to get a spot in line for their Flatiron store event, and was one of the lucky ones allowed in. We had a wonderful restorative yoga session with Dave, who told stories about living life to the fullest throughout our workout. We ended our practice with a tasting of three exotic chocolates, and were treated to a complimentary copy of his book. I felt so lucky to be there, as I wasn’t expecting all these perks!


I’ve had the book for some weeks now, and finally decided to pick up the book to read last week. I turned right to the inside cover where Dave signed, “Andrea, Don’t Wait…live life now!”. Prior to reading his message, I had been going through a period of indecision, and those simple words were the impetus to read the entire book, and get to my dreams. Dave’s style of writing is very lighthearted and visual, it feels like you are his friend and he is sharing some of the best stories he’s heard from others, or experienced himself throughout the book’s 161 pages. To me, the book is truly a written version of what you would want a life coach to be, or at the very least, that positive force in your life that keeps pushing you forward.

The chapters are concise and end with a quote to meditate on, to bring the good vibes forth, and create a happier you! I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who is looking for a positive push in any way, and wants to find simple ways to make their lives that much more happy on an everyday basis.

Happy Is The New Healthy is available now for purchase on Amazon & other book retailers.


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