Live In NYC & Want To Get Fit On The Cheap? Check Out Reebok Fit Hub!


Let’s talk about fitness, k? As I’ve been on my new fitness path, training for a race in June, and just in the mindset to generally get into excellent shape, I am always looking for new fitness experience. As I am on a tight budget, I specifically look for low-cost or complimentary classes throughout Brooklyn & Manhattan specifically to mix of my routine.

In my quest, I search Google about once a week for “free fitness classes in NYC”, and I came across the Reebok Fit Hub. Reebok as a brand has different “Fit Hubs” throughout the country, three of which are in Manhattan (Union Square, Fifth Avenue, and Upper East Side, respectively). The Fit Hubs host series of classes from master trainers/Reebok ambassadors in various disciplines including dance fitness, yoga, and strength-training.

So far I have attended one of their dance fitness classes at their Union Square Fit Hub with a few girlfriends, and had a great time! All classes are for all-levels and offer shopping discounts of 15% items in-store, as well as light refreshments.

Now you ask, “How do I sign up for that thang Dre?”, and I would respond, Follow this link to their Eventbrite page to register for upcoming classes.” Cool? Let’s get active!


*Photo courtesy of Reebok Fit Hub

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