Event: Brooklyn Artists Ball Dance Party 4/15 at Brooklyn Museum, With Music Curated by Fools Gold!

Ayo Brooklyn! It’s that time of year again, time for the Brooklyn Artists Ball Dance Party line-up! I had the pleasure of attending for the first time last year, jamming to the sounds of LE1F and Brenmar in Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Pavilion at the Brooklyn Museum. This year is sure to please with a super-awesome musical line-up curated by none of other than Brooklyn-based label Fool’s Gold (cue air horn).

Here’s what you can expect:

– Music by Fool’s Gold signees Leaf, BOSCO, Shash’U, & Nick Catchdubs (one of my FAVE dis, btw)

– Dessert by Flour Shop, AKA the folks that make that amazing 6-layer rainbow cake

– Virtual reality by Pioneer Works

– Installation from Situ Studio and Robert Moy of Brooklyn Balloon Company

– OPEN BAR (important, yes?)

Individual tickets are $100, $75 for members and may be purchased here. All proceeds will help fund future programming at the Brooklyn Museum. Will you meet me on the dance floor?

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