WOMANday: ‘So…What Are You Training For?’ An Explanation In Words About My Road to Nike Women’s 15 K Toronto

Stretching out my arms at NTC Gym

A little over a month ago, I shared a story with you all regarding getting back into running, and creating a fitness regimen for myself via complimentary weekly classes offered by Nike + NYC. Now, finishing out my third month of training and running with Nike +, I am seeing results and building up stamina, attending up to five sessions a week.

Instructor Traci Copeland helping me with my Triangle Pose

I like to cross train, meaning I like to vary my activity from day to day as to not overwork muscles, or worse, injure myself. Monday nights I attend NTC Gym which is a power-packed gym class utilizing one’s own body weight. Tuesday evenings are for Speed Run (if I can get in) at Mile High Run Club, a treadmill class of varying intervals to build speed and strength. Thursday mornings I attend NTC Studio yoga to focus on stretching, balance, and building my core. Weekends are usually light, but every now and then, I will attend the H.I.T. & Run on Sunday, which is a mix of high intensity training and running drills.

My confirmation for the race!

When I first began, and even still now, many people close to me would ask, “So…what are you training for?”. Being the smartass that I am, I would usually respond “For life”, mainly because there was no specific event that I was training for. I wanted to be physically stronger, and had a goal of running at least one race by summertime. As of this month, I am closer to that goal as I am officially registered to run the Nike Women’s 15 K in Toronto!

Team work

Being a part of Nike + NYC granted me a guaranteed spot in the race which will be held on June 14, 2015. I’m really focusing on becoming a stronger and faster runner, with the help of my coaches and friends who will be running with me come June. I’m really excited for this journey, and so happy to be visiting Toronto to catch up with some of my favorite people.

This is just the beginning.


*Photos courtesy of Nike + NYC

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