Saturday Sounds: Lexdray City Series – Volume 45 – Welcome to Minneapolis – Mixed by Erin Millington

SoundCloud continues to be one of my favorite musical destinations as it, without fail, introduces me to new artists or mixes on the daily. A few months back a Lexdray City Series mix had showed up in my suggested list, and wasn’t I happy to hear jams on jams! At that point, I had no idea what Lexdray was, but since have done my research.

They are a travel goods company whose specialty is super tough yet beautiful, limited pieces with a unisex sensibility. Their “City Series” began in 2013, in which they ask DJs from around the world to create a mix based on one of their favorite cities.

Here I have the latest installment, Volume 25, “Welcome to Minneapolis” mixed by Erin Millington, a DJ/hairstylist residing in  Austin, TX. Check out her cool grooves below!

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