Finding Your Sexy: Andrea’s Beauty & Fashion Picks To Make You Feel Sexy This Valentine’s Day, and Every Day!

Let me start off by saying this. This is NOT a guide of cute things to do/wear to impress a significant other/potential suitor porsay, but a list of some of my personal favorite things that make me feel that much sexier. Society constantly places all these expectations of what is beautiful/sexy for a woman on us constantly, and I’ve realized, it’s really the simple things that make me feel beautiful. And with that, let’s get into my picks to “Find Your Sexy”.

HAIR: Swangggg it!

Ok, so hair can be a touchy subject right? Too short, too long, too curly, too thick, but whatever happened to really owning your ‘do? My shorter ‘do has recently grown out, and since we are in the dead of winter, I’ve been straightening my curly locks because it’s pretty low maintenance. My hair focus, whether curly or straight, is health and moisture. I am a huge fan of Agadir Argan Oil’s product line for straightening my hair as they are very moisturizing and maintain shine. I prefer to use the volumizing shampoo & conditioner during the cold months as the air usually makes my roots go flat. Below are all the items I use to get sleek strands with shiny, tousled curls.

Picks & Styling Info

LIPS: Pucker Up!

As a woman who has lips of a certain size and shape, I love to focus attention on them when I have the opportunity to, because I’ve realized, a good lip color makes people pay attention to what I’m saying, HA! So what do I suggest, you ask? MOISTURE, again, is key. Drinking lots of water is a necessity, but a lip balm of some sort is essential.


I really love Carmex’s Moisture Plus line because it is in a slim slick form, covered in cute designs. The hint of vanilla and SPF 15 are a great balance to use on its own, or pre-lip color application. I also use it on my lips at night to wake up to baby-soft lips every morning.

Show Out!


I have a love affair with statement lip colors, and have a plethora of pricey colors in my arsenal. I’m really digging Milani colors right now as they are super-affordable (about $5 at local drugstores), and are offered in a moisture/matte formula.


FRAGRANCE: Leave Your Mark

It is fact that our sense of smell is that which is most strongly tied to our memory, and because of that, I believe that the scent of a woman should be unforgettable. The world of fragrance offers so much variety so that we can mix it up for different occasions; whether it be for a certain season, the work-place, a special date with your boo, or a night out with the girls. I’ve recently come across the brand Tokyo Milk during my last Sephora trip, and I’m hooked!

Offerring a wide range of fragrance blends, these eau-de-parfums are sure to please even the most discerning perfume connoisseur.


LINGERIE: The Foundation Of It All


Foundation garments are those worn underneath the clothing to keep your outer look smooth. The full range includes bras, panties, and shape wear, but I want to focus specifically on bras and panties. Lingerie seems to be a more specific term focused on those things you wear only in the boudoir, but I encapsulate all of my undergarments in this category. I really love lace, so no matter how casual or formal the occasion, I love to wear a lace bra of some sort and thong/hipster on the dally. It makes me feel like the strong, sexy woman who can take on any situation thrown her way (which happens a lot). I really love Cosabella separates as they hug my curves in a really natural way.


The Outfit: Make A Statement!


It is without doubt that our clothing choices make us feel, and we’re all about confidence here, so why not wear that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? Fit is key across the board. I’m into pieces that are easy to wear and make a statement, and some of the current offerings at Ann Taylor are fit for the woman that wants just that.


  • Ann Taylor Flare Sweater Dress in Red [seen above] is a great simple silhouette that works well for most body types as the flared skirt is quite forgiving. The scarlet red is a showstopper!

  • Ann Taylor Tuxedo Jumpsuit is a great mashup done in a sophisticated way. Perfect for the lady who isn’t really into dresses/skirts, but wants to look effortlessly chic.

NAILS: The Colors That Always WIN

FLOSS GLOSS Nail Lacquer in ‘Gangsta Boo’

I’m going to be honest here. As one that writes about nail polish on this here blog, I’ve amassed quite a collection of colors from various brands over the years. I love how quickly you can change your mood by changing your nail color, but I’ve definitely slacked the past few weeks, and have been wearing bare nails. However, I felt it necessary to share three of my fave colors from the BOMB ladies at FLOSS GLOSS.


  • FLOSS GLOSS Nail Lacquer in ‘Honey’ is the perfect excessive glitter, that isn’t that excessive from a color standpoint. It’s holographic bronze shade is stunning in the light, without being too distracting for every day wear.

Well there you have it! My favorite beauty and fashion picks to feel sexy this Valentine’s Day, and every day! What makes you feel sexy? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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