Take A Sip: Drinks & Recipes To Ring In The New Year Right, Feat: Piper Heidsieck, Jameson Black Barrel, Ciroc & More!

As we are on the heels of bidding the year 2014 adieu, it is time to gather our things and prepare for New Year’s Eve festivities! A proper party consists of a lovely outfit, great company & music, bites, and cocktails of course! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite drinks and cocktail recipes, spanning all categories of spirits, so you can start the new year off right!

CIROC: Ultra Premium French Vodka

Let us begin with vodka, as across the board, I’ve noticed vodka to peek the fancy of many different personalities. For your celebration, a light and citrusy vodka cocktail freshens the palate without weighing you down with too much sugar.

Our Pick: Ciroc 75

CIROC reminds everyone to please celebrate responsibly.


If you have been keeping up with our spirits & cocktails posts, you would have noticed that we are fans of Jameson Black Barrel, a smooth aged Irish Whiskey that makes for a great cocktail.

Our Pick: Whiskey Buck


I first discovered Don Julio Añejo whilst on a work trip in Vegas. We asked the bartender what the best tequila they offered was, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As an aged tequila, it is darker in color with a smoother finish, unlike white and gold tequilas that have more of a bite. This variety is great on the rocks, but for a holiday, spice it up in a margarita.

Our Pick: Spicy Margarita


For us, rum is one of those things that is always on the menu (because Caribbean blood). There are endless ways to enjoy rum during the year and holiday season, but to bring in the new year, we suggest to keep it simple with this updated Dark & Stormy cocktail.

Our Pick: Black & Stormy


Champagne goes without saying for New Year’s, so why not celebrate with a glass of bubbly from one of the oldest champagne houses in the world? Their Brut offering is a classic champagne that is sure to height the fancy of your entire party. If you feel like dropping a bit more cash and being EXTRA fancy, their vintage varieties are some of the most awarded.

Our Pick: Brut

A Life In The Day of Andrea wishes you a lovely year ahead. Please drink responsibly 🙂


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