Caputo & Co. Melds Tropical Hues With Sustainable Materials for Their Spring/Summer 2015 Accessories

A glimpse of the accessory offering for Spring/Summer 2015

As a blogger, it is always fun for me to attend “press days”; the days allotted on the fashion calendar in which members of the press and stylists visit various brand showrooms to view forthcoming collections. Sometimes these meetings serve as an initial introduction to the brand, but whilst on location, you are given a full run-through of said collection. From a press standpoint, you are able to gather materials for future stories, and from a stylist standpoint, you are able to take notes of pieces you may want to pull for shoots.

Just this past week I was invited to the Spring/Summer 2015 press days for Caputo & Co.; a New York-based unisex accessories line with a “Central-American soul”, featuring handwoven elements from local artisans in Guatemala. After perusing the brand’s website, I was introduced to their quality aesthetic, which made me really excited to check out the line in person. These photos give you a small glimpse of the forthcoming collection.

Signature bracelets, in an array of hues

Caputo & Co. is a leather accessories line for both men and women launched in 2011 by designer Alex Caputo. The product mix includes leather & canvas totes, small bags, leather weekenders, travel accessories, wallets, belts, and bracelets. For the  Spring/Summer 2015 season, the line is injected with rich color, reminiscent of a tropical escape. The color range and Batik-esque weave (seen in the top photo) was inspired by the designer’s trip to Bali.

The brand is known best for their bracelet assortment (seen above), that continues the color-saturated inspiration of the larger accessories, along with special pieces using lava stones and rudraksha beads, crafted by local Balinese artisans.

A plethora of leather & hand-woven belts

It is important to note that all leather in the collections is full-grain Vachetta leather which is incredibly rich and untreated, making it quite strong AND eco-friendly. What a treat! As a leather lover, this made me quite happy as I know pieces from the collection will stand the test of time.

Stunner: full-grain leather weekenders

Now what was my favorite piece, you may ask? Definitely the leather weekender, available in a striking cobalt blue, and warm tan. The quality is impeccable and the leather, quite luxurious. Seeing this piece, I cried in my heart a bit because I believed it would cost upwards of $750. Boy was I wrong.

The weekender retails for $450, making it the most expensive piece in the collection, but well worth it. I would say a median price for all the pieces would be around $200, with bracelets in the $65 – $225 range, belts in the $95 – $145 range, and larger bags in the $200 – $450 range.

Gorgeous,sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable luxury? Sign me up! Be sure to check out the brand’s official website, as well as on Instagram & Twitter. Their handle is @caputoandco.


*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo


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