#NYFW Tales: G-STAR RAW #RawForTheOceans, Curated by Pharrell Williams

On Friday, September 5th, denim brand G-Star Raw showcased a women’s capsule collection entitled #RawForTheOceans, curated by none other than Pharrell Williams. I was overjoyed to receive the invitation, as Pharrell is one of my favorite people, and in my mind, can do no wrong in the realm of fashion.

Light projection on the ceiling

The show was held in the heart of the Financial District at a space on 23 Wall Street, which was transformed to resemble the ocean floor. The entry way was marked with a black flag with a blue octopus in the center, one of the main inspirations seen throughout the collection. All items in the collection were made with Bionic Yarn, which is a textile fiber comprised of recycled plastic bottles found in the world’s oceans. Pharrell Williams serves as the Creative Director of Bionic Yarn, and this is his first collaboration with G-Star Raw.

Pharrell and his models

Going against the grain of a traditional runway show where models walk out one by one, Pharrell himself led all twelve of his models out in a group, so each side of the runway was able to see all six looks at once. This collaboration marked the first denim products ever made from recycled plastic bottles, which is truly extraordinary.

Pharrell Williams

Fangirl Andrea was totally distracted by Pharrell’s presence, but I was happy to see how wearable all the looks in the collection were. I’m really low maintenance in regards to my wardrobe, so it was nice to see the ease of wear throughout the line. Check out some of my favorite looks below.

Stonewashed 3/4 sleeve denim jacket with short

Black tank dress with octopus face

*Favorite*: Belted print jacket with denim short

The full #RawForTheOceans collection includes mens pieces as well, which are available now on the G-Star Raw website. Be sure to check it out, and be kind to our planet!

*Photos courtesy of G-STAR RAW


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