#AlifeinthedayInToronto: A Trip Downtown to the OVO Pop-Up Shop

A streetcar, that is not so desired

Twas an overcast afternoon on Queen Street E, and the gang, which included myself, Kortnee, Jahmal, and our host Deb, decided to take a trip to Dundas St. in Downtown Toronto to stop by the OVO Pop-Up shop. As we were in town for Drake’s OVO Fest weekend, the star held a local pop-up shop of OVO branded apparel & accessories downtown, as well as at the festival.

During our stay we were introduced to Toronto’s streetcars (seen in the photo above), that have been around for decades, and continue to have mixed reviews from the public as society becomes more advanced technologically. We decided against taking the streetcar, and opted for a taxi to Dundas St.

Canadian 20 Dollar notes

Once we arrived, Kortnee and I exchanged some of our American money over to Canadian dollars so we could more freely shop! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s face emblazons the dollar notes, which have a plastic-feel. I can compare the notes most closely to Euros in regards to look and feel.

Kortnee, our lovely hostess Deb, and I

Whist walking to the shop, I decided to stop and take a group photo of the girls and I. I don’t call it an “USSIE”, I call it a group photo taken with my long arm, cuz I’m old school yo! I really dig this photo because it was totally unplanned and it came out just the way I had imagined.

A face seen throughout Downtown Toronto. Reminiscent of Disclosure, no?

We jumped on the line for the OVO Pop-Up shop (yes there was a line, but we were tourists, so we waited) and my eyes were treated to many walls covered in cool street art. I snapped a photo of this face up top, that reminded me of “The Face” that is present in all of Disclosure’s visual marketing and merchandise.

Kortnee and I posted up with OB O’Brien of TOP SZN

After a few minutes of waiting, we finally got into the shop to peruse the latest offerings from OVO. The minimal space showcased tees, hoodies, shorts, hats, and keychains in OVO splendor, marked with the collective’s signature owl, “6IX” and “6” as a homage to Toronto’s 416 area code, and the simple “October’s Very Own” branding.

While inside, we had the opportunity to take a photo with OB O’Brien of TOP SZN, who’s song “2 On” is currently burning up the airwaves. OB was a sweetheart, and soon after we met the other half of TOP SZN, Ryan. We had already taken a photo, so we didn’t want to be weird and take another, but it’s all good. The guys were great, and the quality of the tees was super comfy.

Keep an eye open for a glimpse of the tees later on in my series, and be sure to check out all my spots in my Enjoy Toronto w/ AKC TripleSpot List.

*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo


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