Photo Re-Cap: Ladies & The Trap at The Crawford w/ Fire 4 Hire & Girls With Gunz!


After a lovely long weekend in Toronto, I am getting back in the swing of things back home in Brooklyn. We had a super successful event in Ladies & The Trap at The Crawford, with the sounds of Fire 4 Hire, and my lovely co-host Estée Mancini of Girls With Gunz. The vibes were right and we packed out the space with folks that were ready to dance the night away. See photos below. I can’t wait to get back up to Toronto to do it all again!

Gorgeous girls, and friends of Estée.

The vibe; super-packed room full of dope people that danced a lot.

The man on the left was the BEST all night! He was super fun and into all the music that we played. At one point in the evening, Safari even put him on the mic to hype the crowd! I love finding individuals like this in parties. They truly make the experience top-notch.

Extreme happiness in my face, it was a lovely night.

Despite her delayed flight, Kortnee showed up, luggage in tow, for the last hour of the party. Amazing.

Babe alert. All of Estée’s girlfriends were so beautiful. No wonder she has no lack of models for Girls With Gunz!

Girls on the floor.

Thank you Toronto for being so good to me! Keep an eye out for more Toronto adventures!

*Photos by Frank

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