Nailed It: “Key Lime Pie” Inspired Nails w/ FLOSS GLOSS “Con Limon” & “Biscuits”

After a very unfortunate back and forth with the United States Postal Service (Kensington Branch, I’m talking about you!), I was finally blessed with some nail color goodies from the ladies of FLOSS GLOSS. I most recently introduced you all to their Spring/Summer 2014 collection named All The Fixinsa four color range with tasty names. When I sifted through my new collection of polishes I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cute to create a mani combo inspired by something tasty?’. And thus, my “Key Lime Pie” manicure was born.

The lime I used was their color “Con Limon” (“with lime” in Spanish). It is a fluorescent yellow green, that I’m pretty sure would glow under black light. I used two coats to achieve the color you see in the photo. For fuller coverage, use three coats to really pack a punch.

The custard color I used was “Biscuits” from the All The Fixins collection. It’s a super buttery, white cream, most comparable to the inside of a biscuit with a tad bit of melted butter. I used two coats to achieve the look you see in the photo. Again, a third coat would not hurt, but since I got my mani done in a salon, they never apply more than two coats, even if you bring your own polish.

I like the simplicity of this color combo, and realized after the fact, that these are the same colors of the paint in my bedroom. Not too adventurous, huh? Are you digging it? I am considering adding some nail art to it, depends how I feel.

Look out for more FLOSS GLOSS reviews! Next review stars the hands of my Mom, woop! 🙂

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