#WOMANday: A Toast To The Voice of New York, Angie Martinez

On this day, June 18, 2014, Angie Martinez has announced her resignation from her post at Hot 97. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY with three older brothers heavily into Hip-Hop, listening to Hot 97 was a way of life. We would tune in at all hours to hear the countdowns with Funkmaster Flex and others, but Angie Martinez was always my favorite voice to listen to. Maybe it was because she was a woman? Maybe because she was so unabashedly New York? Angie always intrigued me because she was literally an around-the-way girl interviewing Hip-Hop’s heavyweights, who were, and still remain predominantly male.

Being surrounded by Hip-Hop since birth, I grew to love the genre, and I knew I wanted to work in entertainment in some capacity, but I never knew how. First off, I was a bit intimidated by the fact the industry was full of men, but in watching and listening to Angie, literally all the years of my life to present, I knew there was space for a girl like me.

Angie always kept it real, and never compromised. I liked that she was always dressed tastefully, and wouldn’t “groupie out” when say, Jay Z came through for an interview. She’s built amazing relationships with artists in the industry over the years, and in doing so, gets some of the realest, no-frills interviews out. She allows the artist to tell their story, whilst steering the conversation in a way that would remain interesting to listeners. In listening to her interviews over these years, it really guided me in regards to how I would prepare my interviews with artists in the future; telling a true story, in a non-malicious way.

I imagine that Angie Martinez is on to bigger and better things in media after Hot 97, but for me, it is definitely the end of an era. Let’s see what is in store for the next chapter…

One thought on “#WOMANday: A Toast To The Voice of New York, Angie Martinez

  1. Oh wow. I stopped listening to Hot 97 a while ago. Angie was my favorite DJ too. I remember seeing her in the D’Angelo video and thinking “There’s the face behind that distinctive voice.” I am sure we will be seeing her use her many talents soon.

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