From a Fan’s Perspective: Disclosure and KAYTRANADA Live @ Output Brooklyn

 photo Disclosure270214_zps549b6ce9.jpg

Ever had the feeling that when something good will happen it’ll well… happen? Flashback to my Thursday morning when a friend of mine, let’s call her ‘S’, had promised to take me to the Disclosure and KAYTRANADA (can’t forget a set by DJ Jubilee) show that evening. While I sent out “aren’t you jealous” text messages and munched on some oatmeal, I received a G-Chat message from ‘S’ saying what I had feared the most, that her +2 was really only a +1, which had already been promised to her BFF. *Cue the violins* As I sat mourning over a cold cup of green tea and useless Post-It Notes, I decided to take a leap of faith and try my luck at purchasing a ticket for the show that’d been sold-out now for weeks. Chalk it up to my tiny luck and a little thanks to the TicketFly gods, I was able to scoop a ticket. My anxieties were now at bay and my pockets were $35 shorter. I knew this would be well worth it and I was more than ready to dance the night away.

Upon arriving at Output in Williamsburg, BK, I was more than amped about seeing these guys do their thing. All was sweet and dandy until there was one tiny snafu at the door; S’s + 1 didn’t even exist. After about ten minutes of her making phone calls and probably cursing her boyfriend out for forgetting to add a name, her friend and I were greeted with a slightly creepy smile from ‘S’ that not only was there a + 1, but that the plus-one had plus-one! The joy that caroused through my body was nothing short of a “half-off top shelf liquor happy hour”. Only one problem remained was that I now had to find a buyer for my ticket. After some perusing the line and feeling like a Madison Square Garden scalper, I found someone willing to buy the ticket off of me. Side bar: he happened to be a very handsome Brazilian man whom then proceeded to give me his Facebook link. Wedding bells anyone?

 photo kaytranada-drops-bundle-of-unheard-material-and-remixes-download-main-715x474_zps0bf3f48e.jpg

Now that all the plus-one drama was over, it was time to enjoy the show. First off was Floridian-native DJ Jubilee who warmed the crowd up with sweet 90’s R&B mixes and the occasional “Back that A** Up” beat drop. Her sweet and sassy mixes coincided perfectly with her bright navy and orange shirt and hula hoops for earrings. Up first off the main bill was KAYTRANADA. The Montreal-born DJ has made his presence on the interwebs by dropping silky remixes, and even contributed to the Disclosure remix album adding his flair to the track “January.” When Kay dropped his remix of “Be Your Girl” featuring Teedra Moses, the crowd went insane. The dancing never stopped and it seemed as though I had fell into a musical time warp that I didn’t want to end.

After a short break, UK boys Disclosure took their turn to awakening an already sweaty and warmed up crowd. They wasted no time playing their famous singles “Latch” and ” F for You”, but it was their ability to tap into our energy and predict exactly what we wanted to hear next. Their ability to do so was impeccably seamless. All three acts truly solidified a permanent fan in me.

Cheers to all!



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