Introducing WOMANday! A Wednesday Feature To Highlight Women We Admire!


With the growing popularity of our Monday “MANday” feature, we felt it was the right time to launch “WOMANday”; a Wednesday feature on women in both the creative and business sectors that we admire. It is kind of a long time coming, as I am all for women empowerment, but I have learned not to rush things, and introduce things to the public in just the right time.

As the daughter of an incredibly strong mother, and surrounded by equally strong women in my family, and in my peer circles, I choose to celebrate the women who work hard, and follow their dreams. On this morning of the unfortunate passing of one of my favorite authors, Dr. Maya Angelou, I wanted to leave you all with a favorite poem of hers entitled, “Impeccable Conception“:

I met a Lady Poet

who took for inspiration

colored birds, and whispered words,

a lover’s hesitation.


A falling leaf could stir her.

A wilting, dying rose

would make her write, both day and night,

the most rewarding prose.


She’d find a hidden meaning

in every pair of pants,

then hurry home to be alone

and write about romance.


Rest in peace to one of the most phenomenal women writers of our time, Dr. Maya Angelou!


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