Take A Bite: Trust the Mustache, Otto’s Tacos are “Otto” This World

Tacos are such an interesting yet necessary delicacy, aren’t they?  When you find your favorite taco spot, that’s it.  There is no budging; that is your go-to destination when you are in a taco mood, day or night.  Oddly enough, after a few years as a New Yorker, I had yet to identify my own… until I got swooned by the tasty creations that are Otto’s Tacos.

Mushroom & Carnitas Tacos
Mushroom & Carnitas Tacos

Simplistic in description and boasting with originality, Otto’s Tacos takes the cake in taquerías.  All tacos offered are not more than a few bucks (maximum price is only $3.50!), and rightly so– two or three get the job of curbing hunger done.  The Mushroom (seen above) taco is topped with onions and cilantro, paired with their house-made marinade on a fresh corn tortilla they roll hourly themselves.  You can witness daily tortilla making in their open kitchen while you are at the cash register!  In case you are more of a carnivore, they offer Shrimp, Carne Asada, Chicken, and Carnitas (seen above) tacos that are all invigorating to the tastebuds.  The Carnitas (pictured above) taco is paired with their house made guacamole, which excites your tongue leaving you wanting more!

Ottos Tacos House Made Horchata
Ottos Tacos House Made Horchata

Not only do they offer some of the tastiest tacos in NYC, they also offer refreshers to quench your thirst including their signature Horchata.  Made fresh daily with the subtle spice you’d expect, this little #taquería is big in flavor and easy on the budget.  You can also round out your meal with a traditional Mexican treat– their house made Churros, which pair awesomely with the milk-based bebida.

Otto’s Tacos is a snack-lovers’ paradise hidden in the East Village, and well worth the travel.  A few blocks from the Astor Place (6) train stop, Otto’s Tacos also offers delivery and catering options.  Next time you are in a rush for a quick bite, treat yourself to this amazing LA-inspired taqueria!

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Otto's Tacos Website


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