“Architectonic” Brings A British Sensibility to Manhattan’s Lower East Side at Site 109, On View Until June 1st

The details
The details

Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, “Architectonic”, a collaborative show between painter Andy Burgess and photographer Tom Leighton, opened to the public on May 1st at Site 109 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood. The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is based in London and represents both artists whom are both from London as well.

An attendee viewing the works of Andy Burgess
An attendee viewing the works of Andy Burgess

Both artists have a strong theme of architecture in their works; Burgess painting many residential homes of the American Southwest, and Leighton combining photographs of famous sites and buildings from his world travels to create breathtaking images. Both Burgess and Leighton were present for the opening on May 1st.

A guest in front of works by Tom Leighton.
A guest in front of works by Tom Leighton.

It was lovely to meet both artists and chat in person about their inspirations. I was surprised to learn from Tom Leighton how much time goes into one of his works. For example, the piece in the photo above requires hundreds of layers in Photoshop, layering elements from various photographs including buildings, people, and nature elements to achieve the finished product.

Many thanks to Allen/Cooper for inviting me to this evening of great art. “Architectonic” is on view at Site 109 until June 1st. For more information, including gallery hours, please visit their official website.


*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo

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