3 Years of A Life In The Day of Andrea, A Reflection.

I started this blog, A Life in the Day of Andrea, on April 18, 2011, not knowing what would become of it. I knew I had a unique voice, but I was unaware of how it would connect with people. In celebrating year three, I have realized that my experience and reporting of the things I love, do connect with many people, not only in my neighborhood, but worldwide.

Yuna and I.
Yuna and I.

Not only has this blog connected me with readers, but it has afforded my opportunities in the realm of freelance writing and entertainment. In May of 2013, I took on a contributor position at Concrete Loop, the first blog I ever read, and it was mostly on the back of the writing I have done right here on this site. I thank Angel Laws for the opportunity to connect with a much wider audience, and interview some of my favorite musicians.

AJ cleaning up a models eyes, NY Fashion Week
AJ cleaning up a models eyes, NY Fashion Week

In addition to writing and interviewing, I have been afforded the opportunity to build my portfolio of photography in different realms. I continue to take 99% of all photos for my site, but in this time I have contributed to my work to Concrete Loop and XXL, along with being allowed backstage access at one of New York City’s largest events, Fashion Week.

Running the musical show at Aqua Art Miami.
Running the musical show at Aqua Art Miami.

2013 was full of so many wonderful opportunities, but one that closed out the year that was the icing on the cake was Aqua Art Miami. As one of the premier art fairs during Miami Art Week in December (that hosts the largest fair, Art Basel), I was a part of a team called Audiophile Plus, that programmed all the music and live entertainment for the fair. Along with these duties, I served as event host to our live entertainment in the evening, and interviewed all the musicians for our channels as well as that of our media partner, VIBE.

There are countless happenings in the past year that have helped me grow as a person, and as a woman in business, and I am eternally grateful for them all. I look forward to the year ahead! I will leave you with an exclusive video that our team produced whilst in Miami, with our friend, MeLo-X.



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