Getting Jiggy At The Brooklyn Museum: The 4th Annual Brooklyn Artists Ball Dance Party, Feat. Brenmar & LE1F

The Destination!
The Destination!

Being an evangelist of my hometown, that is Brooklyn, New York, I always make sure to support the various outings, events, and companies that it boasts. As a member of the Brooklyn Museum, I have been attuned to the Brooklyn Artists Ball, an annual event held in the museum’s Beaux Arts Court that honors local artists. This year’s festivities took place on Wednesday, April 16th. As one of the highlights of the year for the Brooklyn arts community, the event’s dance party after the dinner has been increasingly popular with the younger crowd.

This year I was privileged to attend the Dance Party on behalf of this little blog, to document the experience through the eyes of a Brooklyn born and based blogger.

The ambience
The ambience

I arrived to the museum at about 10:30 PM to see the museum’s lobby transformed into a cocktail event, with full bar in tow, along with tables for guests to set their drinks as they schmoozed. There were dedicated areas for event sponsors Artsy, an online art destination that held auctions simultaneously of works of honored artists, and Pioneer Works, a “center for art and innovation” that holds various arts classes in a dedicated space in Red Hook.

The dance party was held in The Great Hall on the main floor, coinciding with the Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn exhibition.

DJ Brenmar playing the jamssss
Brenmar playing the jamssss

Brenmar got the party started, playing a mix of tunes that spanned everything from 90’s dance music to southern trap. This was particularly fun for me because I was able to shimmy and jam to rap music in one of my favorite institutions! The crowd was spirited and danced along to the eclectic jams.


Fierce NY-based producer and rapper LE1F took the stage at 11 PM, with a set that proved to be memorable. I was not familiar with his music prior, but became a fan whilst watching him perform. Not only did he deliver sassy lyrics above sexy beats, but his dance moves were AMAZING. The voguing, bouncing, and overall energy was undeniable, and the crowd ate it up. He made every last person in that room dance, which was great to see.

The happiest slice of cake you will ever see in your life!
The happiest slice of cake you will ever see in your life!

Sweet treats were provided by Flour Shop, a Brooklyn-based bakery founded by Amirah Kasseem. Guests got a slice of rainbow cake heaven, a 6-layer multi-colored creation with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. This was by far, the happiest slice of cake I had ever seen in my life, and eating it made me just as happy.

Hello Luke James!
Hello Luke James!

The crowd was chock full of creative, beautiful people. I was happy to bump into my former interviewee, R&B singer Luke James, who has new music on the way! Check out the gallery below for more photos.

I had a lovely evening at the museum, and I thank those behind the scenes for having me! I hope my re-cap in words and photos makes you feel like you were there, and opens up your radar to some of the wonderful things that Brooklyn has to offer!

*All photos by Andrea K. Castillo

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