Nailed It: An Intergalactic Look With Floss Gloss “Dimepiece”

The look of intergalactic nails.
The look of intergalactic nails.

Nail stories are always fun, so here is my latest. If you have been keeping up with my Nailed It series, you would have noticed that I have been wearing acrylic wraps for the past few months. I liked the look of my longer nails, and the strength provided in wraps, but I caved. I took off my wraps at home (not the best idea) the other day, because my long nails were hindering my work, which of course, involves a lot of typing.

With newly short, natural nails, I wanted my first mani to make a statement, so I decided to go forward with a glitter polish called Dimepiece by Floss Gloss.

With bottle in hand of "Dimepiece" by Floss Gloss
With bottle in hand of “Dimepiece” by Floss Gloss

I originally received the polish from NYLON magazine, being a part of their It Girl program, but I must say, the amount of glitter scared me at first. I kept the bottle in a safe place, and thought now was the perfect time to break it out. I’m all for quirky polish names, so when I read that the name was Dimepiece, I was all for it.

I did the manicure myself, starting with a hardener and a base, as my nails became thin from the acrylic. I applied three coats of Dimepiece to achieve the look in the photo above. The polish is a holographic silver glitter which has hints of pink, blue, and green when it hits the light. The coverage is wonderful for a glitter polish. You don’t need three coats, I just decided to use this many to give the appearance of a nail color/glitter polish in one, although it is all glitter.

Dimepiece is available for sale on the Floss Gloss website for $8, which is a wonderful price for the quality and coverage.


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