Harkiss Designs, A Handcrafted Humanitarian Accessories Line To Keep An Eye On

A selection of footwear and beaded accessories from Harkiss Designs.
A selection of footwear and beaded accessories from Harkiss Designs.

Conscious-fashion has been a growing business in the past few years. There are many models for these, whether it be proceeds from certain items benefitting charity, or goods being produced sustainably in underserved communities. Harriet Zaffoni, a New Yorker of Ugandan-descent has used this model to create a line of handcrafted accessories produced by East African men and women, in which they can easily support their families. The name of her company is Harkiss Designs. Says Zaffoni:

Harkiss Designs gives women a voice, as well as the freedom to be sole providers for their families. This company was developed with a unique vision in mind, and I was very elated to see it come to life through the Spring Trunk Show. I want to make every single one of the products unique and special to whoever purchases it, as well as spreading the message of compassion.

Handmade clutches.
Handmade clutches.

All items in the collection are made of a number of materials, including locally sourced wood, stone, cow horn, leather, and many other natural and sustainable materials. You can see this in all the photos above and below, which were taken at the company’s spring trunk show at the end of March.

More jewelry from Harkiss Designs.
More jewelry from Harkiss Designs.

Prices range from $45 for smaller jewelry items, upwards of $400 for specialty home items. In addition to providing a constant source of work for East African artisans, percentage of sales benefit charity.

A percentage of all sales also go directly to the charity organization of choice, “Lend a Hand Uganda”; which provides care services, education, healthcare, donations, and other aid to orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Head over to Harkiss Design’s e-commerce site to see more from the head-turning, handcrafted line.


*Photos courtesy of Harkiss Designs

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