From A Fan’s Perspective: Phony Ppl & The Internet Live @ S.O.B.’s

Phony Ppl on stage. From left, Sheriff PJ and Elbee.
Phony Ppl on stage. From left, Sheriff PJ and Elbee.

On the unseasonably cool evening of March 16th, one of my favorite NYC venues, S.O.B.’s, held an evening of what is next in funky-soul music. Kicking off their set around 9 PM was Brooklyn’s own Phony Ppl, delivering grooves with a full band, reminiscent of fellow funk-man, Thundercat.

They performed a forty minute set with smooth vocals from Elbee and raps from Sheriff PJ, including their most popular tune, “I Wish I Was A Chair”. It was my first time seeing a full set from the band and I was quite impressed. They really got the crowd to participate and clap, and dance to their songs which were a perfect tempo for two-stepping. I’m definitely looking forward to what these Brooklyn boys have to offer in the future!

Syd serenading the crowd.
Syd serenading the crowd.

After a brief set-change and introduction from S.O.B.’s own Ashley, the excitement grew in the air as it was now time for The Internet to hit the stage. I secured my spot front and center to best experience the show, and get the clearest photos. The Internet is comprised of Syd on vocals, Matt Martians on synths and bongos, Patrick Paige on guitar and bass, Christopher Smith on drums, and Jameel Bruner on keys. The evening’s performance was their first at S.O.B.’s and the kick-off of their spring tour.

They performed a slew of songs from their debut, Purple Naked Ladies, as well as their current LP, Feel Good. My favorite musical moments included “They Say”, “She DGAF”, “Dontcha”, and “Partners In Crime Part 2”. In addition to their own songs, they performed covers from some of my favorite musical people including “Too Young To Die” and “She’s A Fast Persuader” by Jamiroquai, “Tape You” by N.E.R.D., and “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake.

Matt doing his thing.
Matt doing his thing.

What is most exciting about seeing The Internet live is how much heart they put into their performances. Their musical arrangements were superb; each song blended seamlessly into the other as if their whole set was one continuous song, like a mini-symphony. The covers were really important to me as it paid homage to a few of their musical influences in a special way.

It’s been really great to see the band grow since I saw them first at Fader Fort this past October, and I know it can go up from here! Check out some photos below, and definitely catch them on tour if you can.

*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo


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