Take A Sip & Bite: Ground Central Coffee


On Tuesday, February 18th, I attended an exclusive media tasting at Ground Central. The posh coffee shop and eatery opened in November 2013 in the most unlikely of locations, the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan. Nestled on the calm block of East 52nd Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, you are transformed from the corporate feel of the neighborhood once you cross the threshold.

Decor in the backroom.
Decor in the backroom.

The space is thoughtfully decorated with New York City themed murals on the black walls, a record selection for your listening pleasure in the main room, and plaid sitting chairs alongside a massive book collection in the private room in back. The media tasting, hosted by Evyn Block Communications, was held in this alcove in back, and featured an array of nosh-worthy treats. These included tapas mirrored after the owners’ travels to Barcelona paired with both red and white wines, delectable French pastries (the French donut is TO DIE FOR), and artisanal coffee demonstrations.

The Coffee Mojito
The Coffee Mojito

The star of the evening was by far the Coffee Mojito. We were given a full demonstration of how their popular drink is crafted. First fresh mint is muddled with sugar and set to the side. Second, a dark brew coffee is poured over ice, followed up with milk. Last, the muddled mint mixture is added to the iced coffee, and topped off with a mint garnish.

Click through more photos from the event below.

I was pleasantly surprised with my entire Ground Central experience. Being a die-hard Brooklynite and freelancer, I live between my home office and coffee shops. Because of this, I look for three important things in the coffee shops I visit:

  1. Good strong coffee
  2. A comfortable, inspiring environment
  3. Yummy food options

Ground Central gave me all this and then some. I was quite impressed with their record collection and hand-painted murals throughout the space. The owners Etienne and Oleg were friendly and passionate about their business, and it showed in every corner of their space.

In general, I don’t frequent Midtown East, but the lovely atmosphere and service at Ground Central has definitely changed my mind. I definitely recommend you stop by if you are in the area!

*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo

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