#NYFW Tales: Backstage at Michael Bastian w/ AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson touching up a model's make-up
AJ Crimson touching up a model’s make-up

My lovely hometown of New York City is knee-deep in Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion week (or fall/winter if you insist), and you know what that means? Time for me to share my #NYFW tales! I’ve really been focusing on more backstage work and photography this time around, and I kicked off the season on February 4th backstage at one of my favorite menswear designers, Michael Bastian.

Model waiting for a touch-up before rehersal
Model waiting for a touch-up before rehersal

I was afforded this opportunity by the lovely team at Bella PR  (hey Sue!). Their client, make-up extraordinaire AJ Crimson, manned the beauty team of the show, and I had a first-hand look of the process. You may ask, “What make-up are they doing for men?”, which is a valid question. The focus for Bastian’s show was on skincare of course, making sure all the models had a glowing face to best complement his well tailored looks.

AJ Crimson's BB + D Cream
AJ Crimson’s BB + D Cream

AJ started with a pill mask to freshen up faces, followed by a light moisturizer, AJ’s own BB + D cream to even skin tone, finished off with a spritz of Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir to awaken the face.

AJ chatting with the ladies of Bella PR
AJ chatting with the ladies of Bella PR

I was able to stay for the actual presentation, which fused Japanese intricacies with Western styling; think silk brocade smoking jackets. The models, by far, were some of the best I’ve seen in a menswear show in awhile as they were manly men (which I like, what can I say). I would have included photos, but the camera I own wasn’t ready for the extreme low-light situation. I have since rented a Nikon D600 to cover other shows, so look out for those!

I’m really happy with how I’m growing in the fashion/blogging world. Stay tuned for more #NYFW tales!

*Photos by Andrea K. Castillo

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