Video Re-Cap: Audiophile PLUS & Lyons Wier Music Present “Sound/Vision Miami”


So I was a bit M.I.A. in the month of December for many reasons, the largest reason being Sound/Vision Miami. I joined the wonderful team of Audiophile PLUS (a music lifestyle/synergy company) in collaboration with Lyons Wier Music to execute a landmark audio-visual event as part of  Aqua Art Miami during Miami Art Week. Together, we programmed four days of music for the event, along with live performers and DJ appearances, featuring MeLo-X, DJ Jessica Who, Marian Mereba,  EQ-Knock, and more.

We were housed in the Aqua Hotel’s penthouse, showing fine art from the famed Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea, featuring Fahamu Pecou, Tim Okamura, Greg Haberny, and many more. I personally hosted our evening programming, hyping the crowd for our live entertainment, along with interviewing all artists involved.

Check out the re-cap below and look out for more!


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