SOL Republic "Tracks Air" Wireless Headphones in Gunmetal
SOL REPUBLIC “Tracks Air” Wireless Headphones in Gunmetal

Music is my life. Listening to music is a daily activity to me, and since I am an audiophile, it is imperative that I have a proper set of headphones or ear buds to experience the jams. For the past year, I was rocking with a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Tracks wired headphones, and I was quite impressed with the sound quality, specifically the depth of the bass, so I was SUPER EXCITED when the brand reached out to me at the end of last year to pitch their latest wireless pair for review.

They released the Tracks Air headphones for the past holiday season, a collaboration between the brand and Motorola, which is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled pair of headphones with controls on the set itself. The power button, volume controls, and pause/skip buttons are all around the right earphone, along with a mini-USB port to charge the set, and optional ports to make the set wired.

I was already used to the style, having already owned a pair of Tracks, and I appreciated that the earphones itself were updated on this set, providing a more comfortable listening experience. The adjustable band on Tracks Air was also updated with a metal groove on the interior to prevent sliding. The directions provided were very straight-forward, providing a guide to all controls and additional commands for using the headphones as headset for your wireless device (huge plus!). The great thing about Tracks Air is that you can pair the set with up to two wireless devices, which is imperative for multi-taskers.

The sound quality is similar to that of Tracks, providing crisp low and high-ends with balanced bass. The only thing I wished would be a little different is the sound limit; max volume on the set doesn’t truly reach bass thumping levels, but this is an afterthought at times given its superb sound quality.

Tracks Air comes with a zip pouch to house the mini-USB charger and optional split wires if you feel like switching it up. The pouch also is great for travel purposes. Tracks Air retails for $199.99 and is available for purchase now at Best Buy.

I would rate this as an 8.5 out of 10, given the fact that the volume limit is a bit lower than I would prefer, and the fact that the set is not best suitable for the size of my head, lol. Definitely catered for a man’s size.


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