Site Love: Atstyle 24/7 + How I Wore It!


Accessories make an outfit. They can brighten up a simple t-shirt and jeans, and add drama for a special occasion. In general, I like to wear one special piece of jewelry each day, weather it be a very ornate ring, handmade bracelet, or a link necklace, I use jewelry as a means to start conversation. I’m drawn to costume jewelry because of the vast options, and lower price point, and I am always looking for new places to attain new fun jewelry  items. AtStyle 24/7 is one such place.

Atstyle 24/7 is an e-commerce site that sells affordable, on-trend costume jewelry and accessory items. Prices range from around $10 for small rings and upwards of $100 for more ornate necklaces. I wore one of their pieces a few weeks back at my party, Sparkle and Sip. Check out the image below, pictured with my friend Jenna.

What I'm Wearing: Anthropologie striped dress, Taya Golden Necklace from Atstyle 24/7
What I’m Wearing: Anthropologie striped dress, Taya Golden Necklace c/o Atstyle 24/7

I love this Taya collar necklace because it has a very regal quality to it; it reminds me of the jewelry worn by pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. It is definitely a statement piece, so I wore it with muted black and white tones and did not wear any additional accessory pieces to compete with it. The necklace retails for just about $54, so if you’re digging it, you can purchase the silver version online here.

Definitely keep an eye out for goodies at Atstyle 24/7. You get tons of style at a great price; who can beat that?


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