What I’m Wearing: Do It Like A Dude

Do It Like A Dude1

“Tomboy Chic” is a term I live by at times in regards to my wardrobe. Growing up with three older brothers, I would always find myself secretly borrowing their threads, and/or adopting the boyish aesthetic to fit my own taste. Hence I own a plethora of oxford and rugby shirts, and more sneakers than I can count.

On a breezy spring day, my good friend Cee decided to shoot me in my “tomboy chic” in one of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Fort Green. The shoot was to be focused on the detail of the product; buttons on the shirt, soles of the kicks, etc, but that went awry, and I ended up with a super cool shoot in the end. Here is Do It Like A Dude.

drea crate side look w

drea sitting on crate facing me w

drea kicks on bench w

drea subway hands behind back w

drea treeeee w

What I’m Wearing:

  • Brown Framed Wayfarer Sunglasses: Carrera
  • Red Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt: Aritzia
  • Black Denim Leggings: Levi’s
  • SB Dunk Sneakers: NIKE

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