What I’m Wearing: Turn on The Brights


If you have been following my social media updates, you would have noticed that I’ve updated my imagery across the board. I am in a re-branding stage for my site, and in doing so, it was necessary to a full-on photoshoot. From a reader’s perspective, I know you don’t see me much, which can be a bit confusing given the name of the site, so here I am, showing you a little bit more of me and my personal style.

I did this shoot earlier in the month with my good friends Ernest Estimé (photographer) and Jessica Crocetto (hair & make-up artist) in a little neighborhood in Brooklyn next to DUMBO called Vinegar Hill. I’m taking a more editorial approach with these shoots, making it a step above a normal outfit post. Be on the lookout for more site updates and content. Here is Turn On The Brights.






What I’m Wearing:

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: Turn on The Brights

  1. You look gorgeous! love the styling, the hair, the pics— everything! and i am all about UN shoes. So architecturally unique and comfy

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