10 Acts I’m Psyched to see at Coachella: US Edition



10. Allen Stone (Washington): A self-proclaimed “hippie with soul”, Allen Stone is on my list of blue-eyed soul favorites. Such a great tone in his voice.

Twitter: @allen_stone

9. Action Bronson (New York): Queens stand up!

Twitter: @ActionBronson

8. Vampire Weekend (New York): I’ve been hooked since “A Punk”. Super catchy beats and lyrics, fun jams.

Twitter: @vampireweekend

7. Theophilus London (New York): I always support a fellow West Indian out of Brooklyn, especially when I dig their music. Even better, I can shimmy to this.

Twitter: @TheophilusL

6. Pusha T (Virginia): Coke-laden, though-provoking rap.

Twitter: @Pusha_T

5. Wu-Tang Clan (New York): “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin to F@$k with!”. Nuff said.

Facebook: Wu-Tang Clan

4. Passion Pit (Massachusetts): Feel good music at its finest. “The Reeling” still makes me want to frolic and play, and instantly lifts my spirits.

Twitter: @passionpit

3. 2 Chainz (Georgia): You have to appreciate a man that makes up his own language. “I got crinack, yea I got crinack!” His clever wordplay and penchant for gold and everything Versace definitely make him one to watch.

Twitter: @2chainz

2. Major Lazer (Pennsylvania / Jamaica): Mixing dancehall grooves with electro beats, Major Lazer captured me from the beginning. I call their sound “dancehall rave”; perfect for whining it up while holding some glow sticks. “Get Free” is the song of the summer. The beginning, and the end.

Twitter: @majorlazer

1. Janelle Monae (Kansas): Janelle Monae is my spirit animal. I followed her career from the very beginning and have yet to be disappointed. Her live show is to die for, and I am super pleased that she will be performing on the Coachella stage this year. She truly deserves it.

Twitter: @JanelleMonae


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