The sounds behind @KendrickLamar ‘s “B*tch Don’t Kill my Vibe”

Kendrick. Photo by Andrea K. Castillo

While the internet is currently set ablaze by our good man Kendrick’s remix to “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” featuring Jay-Z (stream below), I’ve decided to take out a moment to credit some of the folks behind the hit track.

I will personally give my late pass on this one, as I should have figured out the sample used on “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” a long time ago. The song sampled is “Tiden Flyver”, performed by Boom Clap Bachelors off the album “Kort Før Dine Læber”. Boom Clap Bachelors is the Danish electro-soul collective that birthed one of my favorite duos, Quadron. Listen to the soulful track below.

On Kendrick’s track, do you notice the lovely string section that is present throughout? That is the work of the beautifully talented Charly & Margaux, a violin/viola duo based in Brooklyn whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing  live a few times now. You can take a listen to their newest effort, “The Gallerina Suites” here.

Enjoy the sounds!


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