What I’m Listening To: “White Noise” Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge

Whenever I hear music that tickles my fancy, it is my duty to share with friends, and ideally, the masses. This is the case of “White Noise” by Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge. Both Disclosure and AlunaGeorge are musical duos from the UK, Disclosure consisting of brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence, and AlunaGeorge consisting of vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid. Both duos focus on electronic music, which infuse garage, pop, and house, so I like to call their collaborative effort “White Noise” a “match made in mid-tempo, dancey-electro heaven”.

The music video for the track provides a lovely visual. Set in what looks to be some of the most desolate areas of Detroit, the video follows a man who works as a security guard in completely abandoned buildings. We see his environment and daily routine, which is less than glamorous, but then something beautiful happens; we see this man break out in dance in these abandoned places. His love of dance gives light to what is a rather dreary visual, it’s delightful to see. Since I don’t want to give away the entire video, I suggest you watch. Hands down, one of the best music videos of the year. Happy shimmying! 🙂


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