DOPE, 12.12.12 @ THE FLAT, hosted by Wax Poetics, Andrea K. Castillo & Kortnee



So maybe you saw this one coming. I always advertise and write about the DOPE concert series because of the following:

– Shawn Lawrence James is my friend

– The acts are eclectic and extremely talented

– The vibe is great

A little less than a week ago Shawn asked me if I wanted to host, probably because of my behavior at the last show. Just say my ladies and I created a big dance circle and danced to EVERYTHING until we were actually kicked out. I of course obliged, so get ready to see me make a fool of myself for a few minutes with my homegirl/publicist Kortnee.

The show is brought to you in collaboration with Wax Poetics, with sounds by alternative soul band Meridian. It will also be a special night as it serves as a birthday celebration for Crystalena, the woman behind the decks at the show. The Flat is the location, 7 PM is the time, $10 is the cost, 21+ is the age. Be there…son.


Photo by Ray Kairos

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