Interview: Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – ‘The Road to Zulu Guru’

Today marks the U.S. digital release of Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X’s collaborative effort “Zulu Guru”. As a new contributor to Giant Step, I interviewed the guys a few weeks back, picking their brains on their creative process and more. Here’s a taste:

Do you feel that fans of music overseas have a better ear maybe? And they see and hear these things that are “special” more so than those fans in America?

M: You know what, I wouldn’t say the fans, cuz we have fans here [in the U.S.] that love our music, are inspired by our music and hit us up, but when it comes to industry, the bookers, or writers or DJs, or radio, over here they go with the hype. Over there, they go with the good music, and if you have good music, they’re gonna play it; Gilles Peterson plays my stuff, DJ Semtex plays my stuff on BBC Radio, which is top radio, like Funk Flex playing it over here. The industry is different.

J: I feel like there is another aspect too. People from Europe and people not from here value music at a greater level than we do because we are so saturated here in the States. We don’t understand how lucky it is that we have the access that we have, we have the music that is being created and the good music that is being overlooked because of the hype; you know what I mean? But in Europe they’ll appreciate the music that is hyped too, it’s just valued as much as the music that is not hyped. It’s the quality that really matters.

Read the full interview on Giant Step. Purchase Zulu Guru on iTunes | Amazon


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