I left my heart in Belize…

San Pedro, Ambergis Caye. The view while waiting for the next boat.

Well not all of it, but a large portion of it. Belize is the motherland. The home of my parents and all generations before them. A tiny country located in the Yucatan, Belize is bordered by Mexico in the north, the Caribbean Sea in the east, and Guatemala in the west and south. It is the only English-speaking country in all of Central America, formerly known as British Honduras. It is a land I call home although I was not born there, my heart is there. My heart is in every grain of sand that lines the shores of the beautiful Ambergis Caye. My heart is in each stone that has built numerous colossal Mayan ruins. My heart is in the coconuts that overflow my grandfather’s backyard, which give water better than anything you can find in a can or carton. My heart is in the people, of all races and creeds, my heart beats in the people of such a multiethnic and beautiful land.

Hibiscus flower.

I visited my second home back in August. I go every other year, but this trip was particularly difficult as it was a large reality check for me. Prior to my departure, I had lost two aunts who basically molded my view of Belize, and who I so closely tied to everything that reminded me of the country, and my every day life while there. They were both very strong women in their own right, who were very influential in their respective communities. I am incredibly grateful to have known them, and shared so many fond moments with them both over the years. Along with my parents and family in the US, I count my aunts as large influencers to my love and pride for my home country. Here are some photos of my time abroad. I hope you can see the beauty that I see.

*All photos by Andrea K. Castillo


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