DJ FlyyMommy Presents: Manhattan Mixxy

Mixxy (adj.): a term used in New York City to describe “that life” which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Partying on weekdays, day parties/brunch parties on weekends
  • a group of acquaintances that include photographers, DJs, artists, writers, producers, fashion designers, and musicians
  • an affinity for ethnic foods and drinks prepared by mixologists
  • the ability to vibe in Hip Hop clubs and hipster bars alike

DJ FlyyMommy embodies this lifestyle in her newest mix entitled “Manhattan Mixxy”. I won’t lie, I definitely laughed when I read the title, but was excited at what was in store to hear. The mix blends House tunes new and old, gritty R&B, smooth Hip Hop, and Top 40. In short, it is the ideal soundtrack to my (semi) mixxy existence. Why you ask? Because it has all of my favorite Neptunes-produced tracks along with fun 80s and 90s tracks. Perfect for shimmying! Check out the mix below and get to dancing! You’ll thank me later. 😉



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