Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint Opening Launch Party Recap

Front view of Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint

This past Thursday the folks at Brooklyn Industries unveiled their newest retail location in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. Situated in the space of a former ladies clothing store, Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint is particularly special as it is 98% recycled. Using windpower and repurposed fixtures and materials, the store is as unique as its neighborhood, feeling like it has been there all along.

Mixed media ceiling exposing the original Art Deco tin ceilings

My favorite store elements were the semi-exposed ceiling above and the striped floors below.

The striped floors and my feet. Love!

The vibe was lovely as all Brooklyn Industries events are, featuring beverages by Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Crabbies Ginger Beer, and Bai 5 Antioxidant Infusions. Sweet treats were provided by Bee’s Knees Baking Company.

Punch possible by Tito’s Vodka and Bai 5

In my time there, I was introduced to the co-founders of the company (Lexy Funk and Vahap Avsar) by the lovely Erin. I was able to chat with them about how much I love their company, and how much I appreciated that they kept the integrity of Greenpoint in its newest store. I was also able to meet some of the designers behind the lovely pieces that you see in-store and online.

Brooklyn Industries Creative Director Vahap Avsar and CEO Lexy Funk

Overall it was a lovely night with friends new and old in my favorite place, Brooklyn. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

*All photos (except photo 1- credit: Brooklyn Industries) by Andrea K. Castillo


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